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A Pragmatic Approach to Your Accredited Online Universities

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What are accredited online universities? Maybe we can get the meaning from the word of “accredit”.

In fact, the term “accredited” is used by some authoritative institutions to evaluate an institution’s organizational effectiveness with a set of rigorous protocols for evaluating. Well, what about accreditation?

In fact, accreditation is a method of quality assurance with over 100 years history which is proposed by American universities and secondary schools. Up to now, it is also used to evaluate the institution’s organizational effectiveness, programs and the cultural context and the student support service with a set of rigorous protocols and research-based processes. It is a remarkable achievement pronouncing the institution’s quality of education and recognizing the tremendous competitive gains. In the United States, the accredited universities are conducted or implemented by private nongovernment accrediting agencies instead of government.

Now we will discuss your situations and you may need to answer these questions. Are you fully employed with daytime obligations in and around your home? Do you have any constraints between you and the education you need? Perhaps you want to take control of your future with your improved skills and intellect, thus getting back to universities and get courses is a life-change way you will make. The fact is, the traditional brick-and-mortar universities can not meet your schedules and daily lives. Well, why not choose to attend to accredited online universities? Indeed, accredited online schools and degree programs become the go-to education choice for people living in a variety of life styles.

Get familiar with the essence of accredited online universities? You are advised to explore a list of online program reviews of some ranking accredited online universities as below.

• Kaplan University

As an accredited university and leading provider of online higher education, Kaplan offers over 200 online degrees and programs ranging from graduate, undergraduate, certificate and diploma programs related to a variety of majors, including business and technology, nursing, education, health science and more. Based on the fact that earning a degree is a significant investment of your time and money, Kaplan University offers efficient and fast programs such as accelerated programs which award eligible credit for future training or scholarships.

• University of Phoenix

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, the University of Phoenix is a member of the North Central Association. In University of Phoenix, you can earn associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees with specially designed curriculum by experts. Why can the University of Phoenix stand apart from others? It might be contributed to its 5 features, namely, prior learning assessment, talented faculty, green initiative, extensive library and alumni mentoring program.

• Capella University

Regarded as one of the largest and the most technologically advanced online universities in the world, Capella University became accredited in the year of 1997. Based in Minneapolis Minnesota, Capella University consists of 5 different schools, including education, business, human science, psychology and technology. Capella University boasts of its advanced online teaching technologies, for example, the fully integrated system iGuide has replaced the online chat rooms and malfunctioning webcams, which has excelled beyond others.

Have you found one of the accredited universities that suit your individual academic professional needs? If not, don’t make a hasty decision. In fact, you can have a lot of options when it comes to selecting the best credited online universities based on your major or subject of focus. Thus it is smart for you to list potential accredited universities which allow you to narrow your list down to 3or 2 schools, through which, you can get the best online learning conditions and accredited certificates according to your own situations.

In deed, selecting process is a bit tough work for most of us with less experience for online school learning. If the degree or courses you obtained is from non-accredited institution, you must find that they are not recognized by most of employers. Also, the course credits can not be transferred to other institutions. Thus, it seems important to learn some knowledge about the accredited online universities and to know what to look for in the process of checking the accreditation of a university. So keep a level head while learning some nuts and bolts from following tips on how to select accredited online universities.

• First of all, make sure that it is a real accredited university you are looking for. So once you find your favorite university, check the accreditation and make the confirmation as well. Keep in mind that all institutions such as higher education, brick and mortar or online universities should offer their accreditation information to prospective students. Accredited universities should usually use prefix “accredited” to advertise them at their website and the relevant documentation should state that the institution is “accredited” clearly. On the contrary, the unaccredited universities are using terms of accreditation which does not exit. So you should pay attention on some of the phrases such as “pursuing accreditation”, “recognized”, “licensed or registered” or “authorized” if there is no term “accreditation” involved. In such case, you should be advised to conduct a more detailed investigation. For instance, you can check whether the school is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education by visiting a list of accrediting agencies. Also, you can check the nongovernmental coordinating agency CHEA (Council for Higher Education Accreditation) which can recognize accredited schools in the United States.

• After the confirmation of an accredited online university, you may also find it is a bit difficult to determine the best accredited online university among sprouting up universities. The first factor we are looking for is the marketability of choosing online universities. What is marketability? Take the University of Phoenix for instance, it carries the best online university reputation and every employer regards the students preparing for the job market after graduation. If it comes out with low employment rates for graduated students, we can get a conclusion that this accredited online school features relatively poor marketability.

• Generally, the brick and mortar traditional classroom seems a bit tedious with restrained equipment and other devices which are set for a better teaching and learning environment. In fact, some accredited universities broke the tradition way with updated online learning tools such as online chat room and malfunctioning webcams. For Capella University online students, they can report good experience with updated iGuide system which can replace the chat room and webcams.

• The last factor should be the online class quality. Some accredited online schools have the ability to offer their students a wide array of majors and classes, which allows you to advance your career goals in your degree of design, business, education, engineering, legal and paralegal, nursing degrees and so on. For example, in Devry University, there are some physical campuses to supplement its online classrooms. Also, you can report quality teaching in every department consistently.

Hopefully, these 4 tips can complete the information on how to select the preferable accredited online universities without any troubles. If you still can not make the decision, you can check out the quality and value of the information of U.S. News & World Report which can provide you with accredited online universities. Additionally, the U.S. News University Directory can present the vast majority of accredited online universities across the nation. In fact, some non-credited schools are not typically expected by regional accreditation.

After the thoughtful comparison and selection, you may choose one accredited online university as a conclusion. Now what to notice next? Maybe you need to apply the accredited online university and get yourself enrolled without any troubles. Normally, you can deliver your application form to online school and career institutes via their online application process. You may be required to fill out the short series of forms related to your previous education and personal information. Moreover, you should notice that an application fee may be required whether or not you are succeeded on application.

Generally, both on-campus and online courses applicants can get the financial aid in most cases. If you need financial support for studying at online university, you can have the opportunity to request financial aid. Based on your major, educational institution, and also a variety of grants and scholarships, you can apply student loan which is a great option for most of students. By the way, if you are active-duty military service member or veterans, you can take advantage of the Montgomery G.I. Bill or the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill and inquire your advisor who can help you apply financial aid. Once you have your online application processed or approved, you can make use of school’s web-based student resources to have your online courses and set up course schedules.

If there are any questions, just log into the school’s online student help center after a secure login which is considered as the extension of the school’s main website. You can add classes, look up the textbook information and view your financial aid status. You also can take any technical actions which are necessary for registration and enrollment. Once your financial problems and classes are settled, you can start your online learning at your schedules start date.

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