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Choose Best Accredited Online High School

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Currently, there are hundreds of online high schools in the nation that offer online course, degrees and diplomas.

However, it is not an easy task to make an advisable choice among these schools though many of them may look alike from outside. Well, it is rewarding to pay more attention when choosing online school if you want to get quality education and widely acknowledged degree.

One of the most important aspects of choosing an online high school is to look for one with accreditation. But, what is accreditation?Literally, accreditation is a process of assessing a school’s program to see if it meets the criteria of providing quality education for students. It is, actually, a means of showing confidence in a schools performance and a safety mechanism to protect students. By choosing an accredited online high school, students can have their credits accepted by other high schools if they transfer and get the recognition of certain colleges, companies and government agencies.

Who is qualified to offer accreditation for online high schools? There are six regional agencies in the nation that offer the most widely accepted form of accreditation for online education:

• Northwest Accreditation Commission

• Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

• Middle States Association Secondary

• New England Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges

• Western Association of Schools and Colleges

• North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

Park City Independent

Park City Independent is an online high school accredited through the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), which gives it nationally recognized accreditation. It serves students from the public, private and home school communities with personalized learning environment, certified instructors and professional academic staff.

As a fully accredited online high school, Park City Independent offers curriculum that aligned to national and state standards. Besides, the amount of the curriculum is constantly growing with many new high-quality courses being added to it. The courses generally cover:

• Language arts, available for grade levels 6-12.

• Social studies, which are comprised of U.S. History, World History, Government, and Economics. U.S. History and World History.

• Mathematics, web-based program using artificially intelligent assessment and learning system.

• Science, including earth science, physical science, biology, chemistry, physics, and middle school life science.

• Physical education and health, which teaches character development, mental heath, stress and its resulting consequences, family relations, emotional development, sexuality and virtually everything related to physical well-being.

Excel High School

Excel High School online is a private, accredited, online high school headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Excel serves grades 6-12 and adult high school students throughout the nation and offers them great flexibility in time to enroll and take classes. It meets the criteria of accreditation through North Central Association CASI.

In Excel, all courses can be accessed online, anytime of the year. One can join various programs to learn mathematics, language arts, social studies and other electives. For teenagers younger than 18, they can take part in the following programs:

1) Grades 6-12 Online High School and Online Middle School Courses

2) Summer School Courses

3) Homeschool and Homeschooling

4) Online High School/Online Middle School Make-up Credits

Adults can also participate in the Fast Track Program and Traditional Online High School Program to earn their high school diplomas online based on a flexible learning schedule.

James Madison High School

Nationally accredited by DETC, James Madison High School is also regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). This school is dedicated to delivering high quality education with ultimate convenience and most affordable prices.

If you want to earn additional credits or to graduate early, you can enroll in single high school courses to learn your individual courses, like accounting, biology, business communication, American history, American literature and so on. Otherwise, you can join in its various diploma programs, which includes:

College Prep Correspondence

College Prep Online

General Correspondence

General Online

Vocational Computers

Vocational Healthcare

Vocational Skilled Trades

These programs can prepare you for both job market and college. Besides, you can transfer credits earned here to another high school, which helps you to graduate early.

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