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Explore Tuition Rates and Financial Aid at Liberty University Online

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Liberty University is a non-profit institution. It offers the lowest tuition rates among top online universities. [adsnese]If you want to make your low tuition rates even more affordable, check your eligibility for various kinds of financial aid. We’ll help you navigate the financial aid process smoothly.

What about the tuition rates?

If you’re part-time learners, undergraduate courses would cost you $365 per credit hour. If you’re taking graduate courses at Liberty University Online, the tuition rate is $505 per credit hour. For PhD and doctorate courses, you’ll have to pay $540 each credit hour. The fees for seminary courses are much lower. The part-time per hour rate is $305. Liberty University Online also offers discounted tuition rates for military students. The special $250/credit hour is available to eligible military personnel.

Liberty University Online has different full-time rates for certain students. For students taking undergraduate courses at Liberty University Online, the full-time per hour rate is $325. Graduate classes will cost $465 per hour. The full-time per hour rate for PhD and doctorate courses at Liberty is set at $495. The block rate for seminary courses is $2,350. Military students can still enjoy the discounted rate of $250 per credit hour.

Please notice that the tuition rates mentioned above only apply to Fall 2012, Spring 2013 and Summer 2013. If you want to know the 2011-2012 tuition rates, the following chart will let you know at first glance.


Part-time per hour rate

Full-time per hour rate







PhD and Doctorate





$2,200 (block rate)




You may find that the 2012-2013 tuition rates have increased when compared with 2011-2012 rates. However, the military rates still remain the same.

Do not know whether you can enjoy the part-time rate or full-time rate? If you’re enrolled in any undergraduate programs and taking 11 hours or less, you’ll be charged according to the part-time rate. When you take 8 hours or less for a graduate online program, you’ll be considered to be part-time learners. For PhD and doctorate students, the part-time criterion is 5 hours or less time study. In order to enjoy the block rate for seminary courses, you should take 9 – 15 credit hours.

In addition to the regular tuition fees, Liberty University Online also charges some other online & intensive fees, including:

• Application/reapplication fee: non-refundable one-time fee of $50

• Technology fee: $175 each term

• Financial check-in late payment fee: $125

• Enrollment adjustment fee: $30

• Graduation fee: $100

Want to know your estimated costs? Let’s say, you’re considering earning your Master of Arts in Teaching through Liberty University Online, a total of 36 credit hours is required toward graduation. Then you’ll need to pay $16,740 to earn your degree. The fees only consist of tuition rates. It can be a considerable amount of money for some students. However, you may qualify for certain kind of financial aid to reduce your costs of earning a degree.

What kinds of financial aid are you eligible for?

Liberty University Online provides various forms of financial aid for eligible students. Several simple steps below can ensure that you receive all sources of aid you qualify for.

• Get your personal identification number (PIN). As you know, completing FAFSA is always your first step to receive many sources of financial aid. Go to the website of and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

• Submit applications for some outside scholarships and grants.

• Go to and click on “Student Login”. After logging in to your ASIST account, you can check your account and submit any required documents. Your financial aid status can be checked through ASIST.

• Visit the website of and apply for education loans if you need.

• Access and log in to ASIST and complete the process of your Financial Check-In.

Now, I’ll introduce some major kinds of aid for Liberty University online students. Check your eligibility and find out which you qualify to receive.

1) Institutional Scholarships and Discounts

Liberty University Online offers various scholarships for students. Major scholarships available for online learners are listed below.

• Canadian Student Initiative

Canadian Student Initiative is available for Canadian citizens taking online classes at Liberty University. Canadian students will be able to enjoy a 13% discount off their regular tuition rates. Only Canadians can enjoy this special discount. If you want to learn more detailed info on this scholarship, please call and speak with an admissions consultant.

• Emergency Response Personnel Discount

Online students can receive a 25% tuition discount while receiving the Emergency Response Personnel Discount. Only undergraduate and Willmington School of the Bible students can enjoy the discount. In order to qualify for the discount, you must be currently or within the last five years, employed or volunteering in the following positions:

• Law Enforcement Personnel

• Police/Peace Officers

• Special Agents

• Parole Officers

• Corrections Officers

• Firefighters

• Rescue Workers

• EMS/EMT Workers

• Tennessee Disaster Assistance Team

• Qualifying Fraternal Order of Police Members

• Heroes Fund Scholarship

Once financial aid, military aid and Veteran Affairs benefits have been deducted from the total cost of your enrollment, Heroes Fund Scholarship will cover all remaining tuition and fees. However, not every online student at Liberty University is eligible for the scholarship.

Various service members and veterans got wounded in the Gulf Wars. They will qualify for the scholarship. Heroes Fund Scholarship is also offered to people who served in Operation Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom. There are spouses of soldiers who were killed in action during these conflicts. They also deserve the scholarship.

• Word of Life Bible Institute

If you’re a second year graduate of the NY Bible Institute, you may qualify to receive a discount of 50% on tuition once you’re enrolled in an undergraduate program at Liberty University Online. There’s another eligibility requirement. In order to receive the tuition discount, you must be a full time employee and working on either FL/NY/CA World of Life Fellowship Inc. Properties.

Students taking Liberty University Online classes may be eligible for some other discounts, such as:

• Living Proof (awarded 100% tuition for one year)

• Liberty Advantage (15% off tuition for recipients)

You may find that Liberty University Online provides all possible kinds of scholarships and discounts for eligible students. Many students will be exempted from regular tuition rates. Liberty University Online may only charge a $50 administrative fee each semester and some other fees. With the help of various scholarships and discounts, earning an online degree through Liberty University Online can never be more affordable.

2) Grants

Liberty University Online students can apply for various grants. The easiest way to receive grants is to complete FAFSA to help determine your eligibility for some federal grants, such as Federal TEACH Grant, Federal Pell Grant and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant. You may also consider Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant and Virginia Two Year College Transfer Grant.

3) Federal Work Study

Through the program of Federal Work Study, you may receive up to $4,000 per academic year. Online students can also request a position under the program. If you’re interested in the program, please complete your FAFAS and apply for FWS funding by March 1 each year.

You may be marveled at its huge selection of financial aid for qualifying online students. There’s no need to worry about overwhelming tuition rates and other fees at all. Liberty University Online is proved to dedicate to providing affordable education for worldwide learners.

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