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FAQs about Admission Requirements of Devry University Online

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Devry University was founded in 1931 and began its online education in 1998. Online education has gained great reputation because of its great flexibility.

Devry University’s online campus and onsite campus offer the same programs of high qualify. As long as you reach a required age of 17 years old on the first day when you have the first class from Devry University Online you will get enrolled in Devry University Online. There are several questions related with admission conditions of the university, which may be helpful to you.

Q1: Should I accept an interview when I want to get enrolled in Devry University Online?

Yes. You are required to interview with an admissions advisor from Devry University (who is called an admissions representative in some states) within 24 hours as long as you meet the admission requirements. During the interview, you should hand in such information like the program you want to get enrolled in, start dates and required admission materials. After the interview, you will get further instructions from the admission advisor.

Q2: What is the prior education requirement? What kind of performance I should have got in my high school if I decide to enroll in Devry University Online?

You’re required to have the diploma or education credential from a school or an organization recognized by Devry University, such as a high school diploma or its equivalent, a General Educational Development (GED) certificate and a post-secondary degree.

You should have got an excellent performance when you are in high school or its equivalent. You should meet at least one requirement which is listed below:

You should have got at least a qualifying associated degree from a post-secondary institution which is recognized by Devry University.

You must have finished a set amount of qualifying college-level work at a post-secondary institution recognized by Devry University. All of your grades should be at least C (70%) or your cumulative grade point average (CGPA) should at least 2.00 on a 4.0 scale.

For US or Canadian high school graduates, you rank at least 50th in your class or your CGPA is no less than 2.70 on a 4.00 scale at the end of the junior year or later. Besides, in the full-year high school mathematics courses, including Algebra, you must have got an average grade of at least B or 80%.

The diploma and other documents to prove your credentials should be handed in as part of your file before the date when you register. The headline can be postponed as long as you make a request and get approved by the university. An official transcript of your grade point average (GPA) and graduation date in the high school or its equivalent is also required.

Q3: Should I get any kind of basic skills evaluation before my enrollment?

Yes, you should. Prior educational performance as well as demonstrated proficiency in basic college-level skills decides whether you are eligible for Devry University Online or not. In most cases, you should meet these requirements which are discussed in Q2 when you want to get admitted in Devry University Online. But when you don’t meet these standards, you can still get admitted in the university. It is called unconditional admission. According to the regulations, you should complete the basic skills evaluation through required methods before your class starts. Then an appropriate initial course placement is designed based on your actual situation.

No matter you are an online or on-campus student, you should demonstrate specific basic skills proficiency levels. You should meet at least one of these following standards:

a) Your scores on ACT or SAT examination should reach a certain line. These required exam scores vary with different programs offered by Devry University Online. The minimum scores of ACT Math and English are 17 and the limits of SAT Math and Verbal/Critical Reading are 460. When you get lower scores, you should meet the following standards.

b) You are required to get appropriate scores on placement examinations in algebra, arithmetic, reading and writing organized by Devry University.

c) You can hand in required documents which show that you have earned acceptable grades in qualifying work at any institution recognized by Devry University.

Q4: Does Devry University Online accept or refuse transfer students?

If you have already got some credits at any recognized institution or received an associate degree, you are able to transfer your existing credits when you decide to earn bachelor’s degree at Devry University Online. This will greatly accelerate your education and save you lot of time. Devry University cooperates with hundreds of community colleges throughout the USA and signs up an agreement which aims to make the credits transferred smoothly between different colleges.

When you want to transfer your credits and get admitted at Devry University Online, you should make contact with the admission representative of Devry University and learn about transferring credits. You can transfer credits, up to 80 credit hours, before getting enrolled in Devry University Online. Generally speaking, you are required to receive a transfer evaluation. If you want to increase the number of your transferred credit hours, you can make a request and hand in related transcript, including course description, syllabus and textbooks. The admission representative will check the transcript and decide whether to maximize your transferred credit hours or not.

Q5: If I am a service man in the troop, am I eligible for Devry University Online? And what kind of privileges I can get?

Yes. The predecessor of Devry University trained the Army Air Corps instructors on electronic devices in the 1940s. This university has accepted thousands of military personnel and veterans to receive high education and degree programs here. And nowadays Devry University is one of several colleges where military students are welcomed.

No matter you are stilling serving in the military or have just retired, Devry University online courses allow you to earn your degree through internet without attending school everyday. Campuses at over than 95 locations throughout the USA are also available to you. You can choose one which is the most convenient and fit for your schedule, job and life.

Devry University Online offers a series of degree programs to military students, including Electronics Engineering Technology, Game & Simulation Programming, Network & Communications Management and Technical Management. All these degree programs allow you to transfer up to 92 credit hours of qualified military coursework and other post-secondary education credits so that you can complete your college education as soon as possible.

As a military student, you may qualify for Veteran’s Appreciation Grant. The program aims to help you pay the tuitions of college education and make further education affordable for you. The applicants should be veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, including Army, Navy Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, their respective reserve forces, Army National Guard, and Air National Guard. Besides, you should submit documentations to prove your military experience. From this program, undergraduate students are able to get $500 each semester while graduate students are able to get $250. NOTE: when you have accepted military tuition rate and any dishonorable discharge, you will be excluded from the grant.

Q6: Does Devry University Online accept international students? What are the admission requirements for them?

Definitely yes. International students always want to earn recognized degrees from an accredited university. Devry University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central association. You can choose onsite program, online program or a combination of them while you choose to get enrolled in Devry University. You should have got a F1 visa when you choose on-campus education while it is not required for online international students. Devry University Online comes with several specialized support services for international students in order to enable them to attend online classes and complete coursework online. The combination of on-campus and online programs allows you to have more flexibility to make your study schedule and even to start your coursework before you arrive in one of Devry University locations.

If you are from Canada, you should have got a high school diploma and complete mathematics and English course with 30-level scores or its equivalent. As a student not coming from the USA and Canada, you will get a certified copy of the high school transcript or equivalent. Besides, you should prepare a certified statement of financial support and a certified government sponsor letter. These documents are used to prove that your sponsor will pay your tuition in advance of each semester and offer all necessary living expenses to you.

If your first language is not English, you should prove that you can speak, understand and manage English well by providing TOEFL scores of at least 500 in the paper exam, 173 in the computer exam and 61 in the internet exam.

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