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Get Enrolled into Mississippi State University Distance Learning Courses

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From single courses to complete programs, Mississippi State University (MSU) offers a wealth of educational opportunities via distance learning for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Online learning at MSU enables students to take courses anytime and anywhere.

Anyway, to get started with MSU distance learning, you need to register for your online courses first. Now, let’s explore the registration steps…

Pre-Registration Steps

Similar to getting enrolled into online programs from other colleges / universities, there is much preparatory work to do before registering for any distance learning course at Mississippi State University. For instance, you must:

• Meet admission requirements of Mississippi State University before enrolling in any online program

• Contact your specific department for academic advising

• Get departmental approval for any exceptions / changes in program of study or course requirements

In addition, you are also required to look up your Net-ID at the following page. Be noted that in this process, you need to supply the information, including MSU ID (or SSN) and last name.

All distance learners at MSU are given an electronic network identifier – Net-ID. The Net-ID serves as the access to an array of information technology resources and services, such as myState, myCourses, Online Library Services, myMedia, WebMail, Wireless Network, Career Services, Computer Labs and Blackboard Mobile Learn APP.

You can also find your Net-ID on your MSU ID card. You know, as a distance learner, you may get an official Mississippi State University ID card. If you are in the Starkville area, just visit the Campus Card office in 108 Allen Hall to get your ID card.

If you cannot get your card in person, just email a jpeg image of yourself that is the equivalent of passport quality to the appropriate coordinator for your online program. Academic Outreach Coordinators are dedicated to ensuring the quality of the educational experience for distance learners. They are the main liaison between online learners and Academic Departments and Colleges, as well as the primary point of contact for all distance learning courses, certifications and programs at Mississippi State University.

After getting to know your Net-ID, set up your Net-Password with the ID. Remember that you will have to manually update any places you have cached your previous NetPassword, such as the wireless network configuration on your PC or the email / synchronization settings on your mobile device.

In the event that you forget your Net-Password, you should fax to 662-325-1832 with the following information:

• Photocopy of Drivers license or other picture ID

• Your full name that will be listed in Banner

• Net-ID

• Contact information – phone and email

• Statement that you need to have your Net-Password reset

Bear in mind that Mississippi State University also requires its online students to clear all holds including all bills owed prior to registration. This may surprise you! Indeed, to my knowledge, many online colleges / universities don’t have requirements on this point.

Registration Steps

At Mississippi State University, the registration process depends on the program you are enrolled. Well, what does this mean?

As an unclassified student, you are required to complete and fax a registration form. If you are registered for a class, you will receive a confirmation email from MSU Operations Office. Courses submitted in this way will be posted to your class schedule in Banner or On-Campus, within 48 hours of receipt.

Banner or On-Campus, is your personal portal which connects you to Mississippi State University with a single sign-on using your Net-ID and Net-Password. It serves as your access to online courses, a center for accessing your email and calendars, as well as a source for news, weather, the campus directory and announcements.

With the Banner or On-Campus, you can also register for classes, check your courses, update your directory info, view your account statements and even pay bills.

Registration Form (for unclassified students)

If you get enrolled into a specific MSU online program, you may register online. Just follow the steps below to register online.

• Go to

• Enter your Net-ID and Net-Password

• Click on “Log-In”

• Click on the “Banner” tab

• Under registration, click “Register for Classes”

• From the term selection drop down list, opt for the appropriate term and click “Submit” (To add a class, enter the course symbol, number and section and click “Add Class”. You may also view your schedule in this window. To drop a class, click “Drop Class” beside the class you want to drop.)

You may view and print out your class schedule at Banner or On-Campus as soon as you are registered for your classes. When registering online, you are automatically enrolled in classes. Plus, if you drop a course online, the drop will also be automatically processed.

Be aware that if this is the first time you access registration, you will be prompted to enter your Registration Access Code (RAC). You can find the code in the upper right corner of your Student Enrollment Agreement. In case you misplace your RAC, you will need to fax a request to 662-325-2657 or email a request to

Note: Dropping a class and withdrawing from a class are two different things. If you are withdrawing, you will need to fill in an Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form which can be downloaded on the MSU’s website. If you are dropping a course after the drop deadline date, you will also have to complete and fax an Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form.

As a main campus student at MSU, you are also allowed to enroll in distance learning course. However, additional tuition and distance fees will be assessed to your student account. Also, you need to get permission from your academic advisor before registering for any online program.

On the contrary, distance learners at MSU can also enroll in main campus-based courses. Make sure to get permission from their academic advisor as well. However, if you are a non-Mississippi resident, you will be asked to submit your shots records to the Longest Student Health Center. Additionally, you will also be charged out-of-state tuition fees per credit hour.

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to Mississippi State University. For accurate and professional information, go to Mississippi State University official site.

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