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How enter to Harvard University?

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Harvard – is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States, founded in 1636. Education at the first stage of education takes place in Harvard College.

Each candidate to study at Harvard College are considering two members of the selection committee independently. With higher education go to Harvard for bachelor’s impossible. Foreign students come to the university on the same basis as nationals of the United States. Harvard’s position is Liberal Arts, according to which the most bachelor education in general, students can choose any course and at the end of the diploma graduates have not any particular profession, and is Bachelor of Science or, for example, a bachelor of arts. The school year begins in early September and ends in mid-May.Harvard University online schools

Gender composition of the University the most balanced: among the female undergraduate about 51%, among the faculty of about 49%.

Since 1900 is a rivalry between the students of Harvard and MIT – the day when the announced merger of the two universities, which was subsequently canceled. But because of the failed merger were also positive aspects: MIT students can attend their favorite courses at Harvard, and сonversely free.


Period of submission the documents

Applications will be accepted until November 1, and before January 1, – depending on whether the candidate wishes to take the opportunity of early statements or submit documents in the general stream.

Admission Procedure

You can apply in two ways: by filling Universal College Application or Common Application. You can fill out an application online or download it, print it and send it by regular mail. In addition to one of the mandatory applications, together with the documents should be sent Harvard Application Supplement, school certificate, application form for foreign students, two recommendations from school teachers. To apply and create your profile on the website of the University, must pay $ 75 to 15 October. The application shall include the results of tests and examinations handed. After the final application of candidates, can be arranged interview – at the university, his representative or alumni around the world, but this possibility is not provided to all applicants. However, the selection committee argues that this will not be counted as a minus for candidates who will not be able to arrange an interview.

Admission Requirements

Age – 17 years old, excellent grades in school leaving certificate and high scores for entrance exams. Minimum score is not installed, but the majority of students have passed every part of SAT I and SAT II with results from 650 to 800 points.

Entrance examinations

Exam SAT or ACT – the choice of the candidate; SAT II exam consists of two test knowledge of those disciplines that the candidate wants to study in the future. Certificate confirming language skills, is optional.

Cost of the education

The year of study at Harvard is an average of $ 33,696, together with other expenses amount up to 50 000 $ a year.

Available grants

University goes to meet anyone who can not pay for their own training – about 70% of students receive financial support. In order to get a full scholarship, you must prove that the family income is less than $ 60,000.

Altogether there are three Harvard campus – between public transport links. One of them is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and covers an area of ​​85 hectares. On its territory there are office buildings, libraries, museums, educational buildings and House hostel. Students living in 12 houses, nine of which are located in the south of the campus, next to the River Charles, and the other three are located in a residential area half a mile from Cambridge yard on the north-west, where previously housed Radcliffe College. Each house has a living room, separate for undergraduate students, graduate-students, teachers, dining room, library. Harvard Business School, including major sports facilities, is located on the other side of the river and occupy an area of ​​145 hectares. Both campuses are connected by a bridge. Harvard Medical School is located in the town of Longwood five kilometers from Cambridge.

In addition to the three campuses in Cambridge and Longwood Ellstone, Harvard owns Arboretum in Boston, a research library and museum in Washington, Harvard Forest in Peterskhame an area of 3,000 acres, a research center in Italy and the Harvard Center in China.

At Harvard, there are 80 independent libraries in which there are 15 million volumes. The three most popular libraries for bachelors – a Cabot Science Library, Lamont Library, and Widener Library. They are located in the central areas of campus. Harvard also has several museums: The Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard Art Museums, Harvard Museum of Natural History, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Semitic Museum.

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