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What to Know about Accredited Online Schools

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Over the past decade, an increasing number of Americans choose to take advantage of online schools to obtain certificates, degrees and skills they need to advance their career.For anyone who would like to further his education through online programs and courses, accredited online schools are desirable options. Compared with other virtual schools, accredited schools usually offer better programs that can meet higher academic standards.

Today there is a wide variety of accredited online school available for almost everyone to pursue further education. When you are considering options for online learning, a better understanding of accredited schools might help you make a wiser choice.

The first question you need to figure out is how online schools become accredited. That will definitely give you a clear view on the differences between accredited online schools and other options. Generally speaking, accreditation is a way to ensure the quality of education an online school provides and guarantee that students can obtain degrees accepted by other schools.

Just like a legitimate traditional school, an online school has to go through the same processes and meet all the up-to-date educational standards set by the United States Department of Education, in order to become accredited. The DOE will evaluate each program the school provides to see if it meets all the requirements.

Besides, the department takes a lot of other factors into account, such as what the school does to meet the changing needs of students and whether it involves new technology in its courses. Online schools also need to keep improving its programs and striving to meet higher standards so as to maintain their accreditation status. That largely contributes to your better and more efficient learning experience at accredited online schools.

As an online learner, you are highly recommended to sign up for courses provided by accredited online schools. But you might wonder how you could know whether an online school is accredited or not. Well, below are the steps to find out schools accredited by the DOE:

1. Access the “Search Institutional Accreditation System” page on the official site of the DOE;

2. Type in the name or location of your school and click “search”;

3. If the online school isn’t listed out in the searching results, then it’s not accredited. Otherwise, it has been accredited by an agency recognized by the DOE.

Simply enter the name of a state or area before clicking “search” and you will get a full list of accredited online schools in a certain region. Choose among these schools to make sure you will receive high quality education. If you just don’t know what nice choices are, take a look at the following list. There are a couple of leading accredited online schools for you to refer to.

• Kaplan University – As a leader of online education, the university get accredited in the year of 1997. Now it features a number of exemplary online programs, ranging from business management to health sciences.

• Drexel University – Having been accredited in 1927, this university is also one of the leaders of online education. Both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs are available at this university.

• University of Phoenix – For people seeking for the best LPN programs, this is an ideal university. With its online nursing programs accredited by the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education, University of Phoenix can ensure you have a rewarding learning experience.

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