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Online MAIS Program from Mississippi State University

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Enabling every student to get personalized education is the mission and commitment of Mississippi State University.

At Mississippi, each student, no matter you are learning on campus or via the internet, will be fostered with high quality academic opportunities for the future success.

Currently, Mississippi State University offers accessible, flexible and top-flight degree program of Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Sciences for online students. To ensure the academic quality, students will learn from world-celebrated science experts in chemistry and geosciences. No matter you want to earn a higher degree, further knowledge in chemistry, biology and geosciences, or create a new career path for the future, join this program with like-minded fellow students all around the world from Mississippi State University!

Accreditation: The online courses offered for the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Sciences online program are comprehensively accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Universities through Mississippi State University.

Basic Program Requirements:

The entire program will take 2 years to complete, including 36-credit-hour courses. All the courses are given online, except the final 8 to 10 days capstone course planed to take place on the main campus of Mississippi State University. Transferred credit hours from another university will not be accepted, and the maximum time to fulfill the program is 6 years.

Each student must choose one of the two sciences as his/her primary field (chemistry or geosciences), and thereafter finish the 21 hours in this field, containing the Research Methods and Capstone courses. Then, with the advisor’s approval, students are able to take whatever courses he/she would like in order to complete the degree (at least 5 courses, including 15 hours).

Admission Requirements:

Mississippi State University Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Sciences (MAIS) online program is open to students who have earned a minimum average of “B” in the last 60 hours in a related undergraduate major as a part of a bachelor’s degree issued by an accredited academic institution. If with the special permission of MSU graduate faculty, the admission would also be granted. Please notice that the admission is only available for the Fall semesters!

All applicants should submit a statement of purpose detailing why you want to enroll into MAIS distance program, at least 2 letters of recommendations from qualified persons to evaluate your undergraduate academic performance, and other relevant materials required for graduate study in this program. For international students, you will be required to take TOEFL and the score should be at greater than 600!

Applicants can choose unclassified or classified admissions. The entire applying process can be completed online. Here is a guideline showing you how to get the application started:

1. Visit and click Distance Learning.

2. Select College of Arts and Sciences and then choose IDS.

3. Complete the online application form, including a statement of purpose, as well as names and emails for the submitted letters of reference.

4. Request and submit 2 official transcripts from the college where you earn your bachelor’s degree.

5. Pay a $40 application fee online or mail the fee and all transcripts to:

Office of Graduate School

P.O. Box G

Mississippi State, MS 39762

6. Once you are officially admitted into the program, you will receive an email of acceptance.

7. Read carefully the Student Orientation Guide for successful registration process.

8. Textbooks needed for the program will be available for ordering 2 or 3 weeks ahead the classes beginning.

Tuition and Fees:

Tuition for Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Sciences online program is assessed based on the standard credit hour rate set by the Institution of Higher Learning. The rates and the fees are subject to change from one semester to another. Currently graduate tuition for online MAIS program is $322.5 per credit hour. The cost for textbooks and other course materials is not included.

Be noted that the capstone course will charge an additional fee ranging from $1,000 to $2,000, depending on the location and materials required. Eligible online students can apply for Federal Financial Aid.

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to Mississippi State University. For accurate and professional information, go to Mississippi State University official site.

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