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Getting to Know Missouri State University Online Education

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Missouri State Online (MSU) is created to help non-traditional students achieve academic and career success through providing flexible and high-quality virtual learning.

Its belief in quality, diverse and supportive education leads to MUS offering various online courses and programs, online student support services and aids.

MSU allows superior, cost-effective and worry-free education to be closer to each and every aspiring learner who looks to self-paced and independent learning experience.

Why MSU?

Online education is not new; a number of universities have offered online education to students both at home and abroad. So why MSU? Ask fellow students or those who have achieved their goals after obtaining the degrees and they will tell you the reasons they choose MSU:

• MSU is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools

• 90 percent of MSU faculty hold a doctorate or the highest degree in their field, ensuring a higher level of instruction

• An increasing number of degree programs are available completely online

• Students studying at MSU come from around the world which helps to enhance your learning experience

• The MSU Career Center provides resume reviews, career counseling and practice interviews

• Meyer Library’s student support services are specially designed for online learners

• MUS’s Computer Services Help Desk is created to help online learners with Blackboard system questions and other technical issues

What the degree programs are there at MSU?

MSU offers both undergraduate and graduate online programs available completely or 50 percent online.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Completion Program is for those who expect to earn a BSN degree.

The BSN-Completion program at MSU is open to students who have completed a 2-year Associate of Science in Nursing program and hold Registered Nurse License. Through this program, you are hopefully to get the essential knowledge to complete a BSN degree.

While the Master of Arts in Theater, offered by the Missouri State Un9versity Department of Theater and Dance, offers students an opportunity to develop an observing sense of theater via an intensive graduate program. In this program, you will be engaged in Research, Comprehensive Examination, Core Curriculum Classes and Interdisciplinary Area Classes.

What are the support services for online students?

As an online student at MSU, you are able to benefit from a variety of support services.

The Blackboard General Help and Troubleshooting, for example, is to help you find the solution if you have trouble with Blackboard. General help includes clearing browser cache, updating Java and recommending operating system and browser.

The Career Center is created to provide professional guidance to Missouri State University students and alumni. It offers career counseling, internship and full-time job hunting and vocational and education info. The Peer Advisors, especially set to help you make insightful career decisions, is Available for walk-in hours to assist you with resumes and cover letters.

The mission of Disability Resource Center is to provide for physically challenged students with equal access and opportunity to all campus programs and services. Encouraging and promoting disability pride, self-determination and universally accessible design principle, it enables everyone to have full access to university life.

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