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Why Choose Online Nursing School & What to Learn?

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Nursing currently ranks among the top 10 growing occupations and according to the US Bureau of Health Professions, the nation will need over 1.7 million nurses by the year 2020.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor also predicts at least 36 percent growth of needs in the next decade. This explains why nursing schools are getting so much popularity lately and why more people are participating in online nursing courses.

Why Study Nursing Online?

With a large nurse shortage growing day by day, the wage in nursing related industries is also increasing. Studying nursing online allows you to squeeze extra study into your heavy schedule and improve your career and increase your salary with flexible hours. In a word, online nursing degree programs give today’s nurses the ability to advance from LPN all the way through Doctor of Nursing Practice entirely online without affecting their normal life.

There are many other reasons why you should choose studying nursing online:

Convenient. 1200 programs reviewed and sorted for you.

High Quality. Nationally accredited programs.

Accelerated. You can bridge programs online to obtain a higher degree without doubling the time.

Fast answers. Direct contacts within the top schools.

What Programs Are Available Online?

Today’s working nurses and nurses-to-be have the priority to improve their credentials and career options through a great variety of accredited online nursing programs, which include online LPN to RN programs, Paramedic to RN programs, RN to BSN degree completion, RN to MSN, Master’s in Nursing, Nurse Practitioner programs and Nursing Doctorate degree programs as well.

Online LPN to RN Degree Program: students joining a NLNAC accredited online university can finish the courses and advance from LPN to RN in a short period of time without attending classroom. After that, they can increase their career mobility, job security and opportunity as well as personal growth and satisfaction.

Online LPN to BSN Degree Program: through online courses, you can get Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in as short a time as 12 months. BSN is widely considered a standard requirement for RN and bears broader professional responsibilities and career opportunities, and more salary as well.

Online RN to MSN Bridge Programs: this is perfect for nurses who hold an associate degree in nursing and want to accelerate their nursing education. The higher your education, the bigger difference you can make for your patients, your organization and the future of health care. An MSN degree is the exact certification to prove your ability.

Top Online Colleges with Nursing Programs

There are numerous online nursing schools offering various courses and degree of all levels, which makes it crucial to choose one that suits you best. University of Phoenix offers a flexible high quality learning environment online at certificates, associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, & doctoral degrees. This largest private university in North America can help you reach your academic goal sooner than you can even imagine.

Kaplan University is another leading name in offering high-quality nursing programs online. Chamberlain College of Nursing offers highly respected degree as well as clinical learning experience. Its programs include Master of Science in Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN). Keiser University Graduate School also features accredited degree programs, like Nursing, MS.

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