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Understand Online High School Diploma & Learn 3 Top Picks

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It is not until you enter into the workplace or want to further the education that you will get to know how important a high school diploma is.

If you have left high school without a diploma, things would get tough for you. In the US, a high school diploma helps you open doors to a well-paying job, better job stability, college education, as well as a broaden horizon.

Now, no matter when and why you drop out of high school, you are offered the opportunity to earn your high school diploma online at your home, at your own pace!

It is not a GED, but a real high school diploma!

Why Online High School Diploma

Today’s advanced technology has made it more than likely for students to attend high school online and earn high school diploma online as well. Certainly, people would never have thought about this for the most part of the 20th century, as there were no easy access to computers and internet, which are the basic requirements to complete online high school education.

During the last decade, things have changed significantly, and now a student is allowed to earn a real high school diploma at any time and at any location all around the world – just with a computer and internet connection. Now students seeking for higher-paying jobs or preparing for colleges are more inclined to obtain online high school diploma rather than a GED, for online education allows them to earn the diploma faster and easier.

In the US, the majority of students earn their high school diplomas at local high schools, but a survey has shown that the number of students choosing the online alternative is increasing each year. The main factor that contributes to the popularity of online high school diploma is convenience and flexibility.

The teens who live an active lifestyle, working adults who have full-time jobs, and married parents who have a big family to take care of will find that attending traditional high school takes too much of their time and focus. For these individuals and others with personal circumstances, earning a high school diploma via internet will be an award-winning choice!

How to Select Online High School Diploma Courses

When you have made the decision to enroll into an online high school, you may get dazzled by a wide variety of online sources that differ dramatically. Some courses can be completed within as few as 1 to 2 weeks, while others might take 2 years or even more! Some online high schools or programs claim that they are accredited, but maybe they are not!

Accreditation is used to prove the quality education a school or institution offers. Not all online high schools are accredited. Be sure to check whether the accreditation info on the school’s website is authentic. If an online high school has clearly declared that its program is not accredited, you have to think carefully before making the determination, as a high school diploma from an unaccredited high school may not be accepted.

Once you have narrowed down the list of options based on the accreditation, the next thing you need to consider is the class schedule an online high school requires. Some accredited online high school diploma program would require hours of courses and homework every day of the school week, somewhat like attending classes every day at a brick and mortar school. Other online high school programs will require less time each week but they will take 2 to 6 months of classes to complete. Make sure to view the requirements on online attendance carefully.

3 of the Best Accredited Online High Schools

Ashworth High School

Ashworth High School, a worldwide leader in comprehensive and high quality online education, is accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Its online high school diploma program comes in two types: a general high school diploma program for students who would just like to complete the high school coursework, and a college preparatory program for students planning to further study.

Both programs are self-paced and offer courses in English, math, science, social studies and technology. The major difference between the two lies in the number of credits. The general high school diploma requires 16 credit hours, while the college preparatory diploma needs 22 credit hours. The tuition fees respectively are $2,250 and $2,990.

Keystone National High School

Founded in 1974, Keystone National has over 35 years experience of online education. It is accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, as well as the Distance Education and Training Council. To earn the diploma, the students need to complete 21 credits, and the tuition for individual courses is $379 per credit hour. Admission into Keystone National High School is open at any time, while the only requirement is that the students must have finished the 8th grade.

Penn Foster High School

This high school was established in 1890, both regionally and nationally accredited! For more than 75 years, Penn Foster has helped countless students, adults and homeschoolers earn high school diploma. Its online diploma programs are career-oriented and designed to ensure your career a huge boost. Moreover, compared with other online high schools, Penn Foster charges lower tuition rates. To complete the high school courses, students need to earn 21.5 credits within a maximum of 3 years.

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