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Online Programs Open the Door for Stay-at-Home Moms

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While you are having a hard time finding out a way to kill the afternoon time when your 5-year old son takes his nap, your neighbor Jenna, also a stay-at-home mom, gets hooked up to the internet and attends real-time college programs with fellow learners from around the country.

You may not have noticed that an increasing number of stay-at-home moms go back to school as their children go back to a new school year. Well, these moms don’t actually go to a brick and mortar school. Actually, they seldom step out of their houses. Nevertheless, they are having a great time getting new knowledge via the internet. How is that possible? It is not difficult to understand if you know there are college programs that can be attended online.

Whether you are a mom desiring enrichment of your free time or preparing for getting back to workplace, online programs fit the bill.

Next time you are thinking about how to spend a meaningful afternoon or evening, you know you have better choices.

Why do online programs work for stay-at-home moms?

If it can be put in a sentence or so, online programs work for stay-at-home moms because the two parties click. How do they click with each other? In a word, online programs possess the learning model that suits these moms’ lifestyle.

– Online programs can be attended at home

Stay-at-home moms, as the term suggests, they are moms spending most of their day at home. Instead of working in cubicles or offices, they maintain the home and take care of kids full-time.

Going back to traditional schools to further education is plausible, but that means a lot of time will be spent on traveling back and forth to the school. If you have kids under 5 years old, you may need to put most of your time and energy on them. You may want to be around of them all day long. And in most cases where kids of that age are involved, you have to pay full attention to him. But if you go to a traditional school, you can not guarantee that much attention. And you must hate being accused of not taking good care of your kids. Besides, you do want to spend more time with your kids, don’t you?

But if it is a program that can be attended online without requiring you to be present in a real classroom, things get much easier. You don’t have to step out of your front door unless you preferring attending the program on your porch. All you need to do is sit in front of your computer, turn it on, get the internet connected, log in your program and enjoy the study time you’ve missed since the settling down and having a family thing. You will be at home and watch out for your kids as expected.

– Online programs can be attended at their own schedule

Being a stay-at-home mom is not less strenuous than working full-time. You will have to do the housework, look after the kids or send them to school in the morning and get them back in the afternoon and run errands. All these make going back to a traditional school implausible.

But it is different with online programs. These programs come with the flexibility that you can not possibly find in a brick and mortar school. You can attend the programs whenever you have time. For instance, it can be when your kids are off to school or when they are taking a nap. In a word, you are to be grateful to this flexibility that allows you to learn without compromising your responsibility as a stay-at-home mom. You don’t even have to hire a baby-sitter.

What are the recommended online programs?

Following are three online programs that fit the bill for stay-at-home moms.

– Health Service Administration

An online health service administration program can be the right choice if you are a mom excellent or interested in organization and management in health care field.

Typically, this program includes classes like accounting, health care administration, and health care law.

Upon completion, this program may produce a bachelor’s degree. If you want to get back to the workplace someday, career opportunities can be found in fields like health services, or public health.

– Psychology

This program works best for moms ambitious about digging deeper in human mind. While learning the program, you will get familiar with cognitive psychology, personality, and abnormal psychology.

Despite of producing a bachelor’s or master’s degree that may help you win a position as a social worker, an online psychology program poses special perks. Since you will be studying the human mind, it can be easier for you to raise your kids in a proper way. They can talk to you when they have problems. You don’t have to get anxious about not being able to help or spend a fortune on a shrink.

– Communications

Whether it is for profession’s sake or just interest, online communication programs offer the quality and flexibility that help you reach your goal.

You will get to know mass media and its effect on cultures. You may even learn about presentations if you enroll in business communication courses.

If you go after a degree, a quality online program in communications can get you one.

Where to attend them?

A number of online schools offer these programs, both state and private. Walden University, for example, is known for its M.S in Psychology that includes a wide variety of specializations. You will be at good hands if you enroll in the Heath Care programs from Washington University.

Anyway, do some research and ask around. You will find the program that suits you the best.

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