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Online RN to BSN: University of Phoenix or University of Louisville

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If you’re a registered nurse, you may want to enroll in a RN to BSN program to advance your career.

What if you’re too busy to earn an RN to BSN degree? Think it again! Now various RN to BSN degree programs are available online. As opposed to traditional RN to BSN programs, online programs grant more flexibility and freedom. These online alternatives are best suited for busy working RNs.

Whether you want to earn a BSN degree to fulfill your personal goal or have career aspirations toward management, you’re sure to benefit from an online RN to BSN degree program. You may be not sure which program suits you best. Two highly rated online RN to BSN degree programs from University of Louisville and University of Phoenix are introduced here. Let’s compare the two options from several aspects.

How they differ in courses?

When deciding which program to choose, you must care about the curriculum arrangement. To complete the Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program at University of Phoenix, you must obtain a total of 120 credit hours. Core courses include undergraduate nursing studies, health care communication, theories & models of nursing practice, health laws & ethics and health & chronic disease management etc.

University of Phoenix offers different core courses to meet the continuing licensing requirements of different state boards of nursing. You can always choose courses that are accepted by your own state board.

The curriculum schedule for RN to BSN program at University of Louisville is slightly different. Generally, online students can choose to start the program either in spring or in fall. Up to 38 credit hours of online coursework is required toward the completion of the program. Online learners are expected to take various courses, such as nursing pharmacology for RN’s, health & physical assessment, case management of individual & families and community health nursing and more.

One big difference is that University of Louisville will award you 25 credit hours at the end of your program studies. The credit hours will apply to your BSN for free. You can get a tuition savings of more than $10,000.

Do they have the same tuition?

When you’re looking for the right program, you might need to better understand your financial commitment. Comparing the tuition costs can always help you find the program that works best for you.

If you’re enrolled in the University of Phoenix’s RN to BSN program, each credit hour will cost you $510. Since the curriculum consists of 120 credit hours, your total cost of earning a RN to BSN degree will range from $25,350 to $50,895. The fees include cost per credit, application fees and fees for online materials. Cannot afford the tuition? University of Phoenix offers various federal financial aid options for eligible students. Check your eligibility for government grants and loans.

Many students may prefer University of Louisville to earn their online RN to BSN degree. Why? University of Louisville online only charges $460 for each online undergraduate course. The total cost can be as little as $17,480. Plus various kinds of financial aid make the already low tuition more affordable.

However, both programs offer reduced tuition rates for military personnel. Eligible military students can receive a discounted rate of $250 each credit hour. Lower tuition rates can reduce the costs in the pursuit of a degree.

It’s obvious that the RN to BSN program at University of Louisville is much more affordable. Perhaps that’s why more and more online students choose to earn their RN to BSN degree at University of Louisville online.

Can you find any special program features?

Accreditation is an important factor that might affect your decision. Both of the two online RN to BSN degree programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

The UofL online RN-BSN program is specially designed for returning RN students. If you’re interested in obtaining advanced knowledge in nursing or providing leadership in a changing health care system, the program will be a right selection. The UofL online RN-BSN program also provides personalized academic advising based on your specific needs.

Best of all, your online degree will be recognized by the University of Louisville’s nationally-known Health Sciences Center. University of Louisville also allows online learners to transfer credits from other institutions. All coursework can be finished completely online, allowing for flexible schedules.

The University of Phoenix’s online RN to BSN program also has distinct features. The program schedule is not fixed. This RN to BSN degree program highlights regularly updated curricula, which focus on stronger decision-making skills and evidence-based practice. All faculty members have an average of 18 years’ experience. Each online class is taught by nurse leaders with advanced degrees, such as master’s or doctoral-prepared nursing professionals.

University of Phoenix College of Nursing is one of the largest nursing schools in the nation. It has been a leader in nursing education for more than 27 years. The online RN to BSN program can help working nurses advance their professional goals for sure. University of Phoenix online RN to BSN program is perfect for those who are ready to further their nursing education and learn more evolving patient care requirements.

You may find that each online program has its own features. If you have to make a decision, I guess you can consider several factors mentioned above, like tuition, admission and curriculum etc. If you still cannot decide which program is right for you, talk with a specially-trained nursing advisor, who can always help you determine which program is best for you.

Based on the tuition rates and course requirements, UofL RN-BSN degree program seems to be a better option. If you want to apply for the UofL’s RN-BSN online program, an unrestricted RN license is required. In addition, you must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 on all undergraduate work. All official college transcripts should be submitted to the following address:

Office of Admissions, Dept AO
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292

In addition, you need to contact UofL’s School of Nursing advising office and call 502-852-5368. After expressing your desire of completing the online RN-BSN program, you’ll have an initial discussion of your prior credits.

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