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Parents Guide to Private Online High Schools

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These days, K-12 students have lots of options to receive desirable education online.

Among the four major types of online high school, including online charter, university-affiliated, public and private online schools, the last one gives youngster the most flexibility.

Private online high schools are learning institutions established and operated by non-government organizations. Some of them might be owned by private companies or businessmen. Since these online schools don’t receive tax revenues, they are not required to follow federal and state regulations that govern other online schools.

Without certain curriculum requirements, private high schools can be creative to have their particular courses. Programs offered by different private online high schools are quite different. Some online schools only provide basic curriculums, while others offer courses to help talented student develop their interests. And some have both diploma programs and individual courses.

Besides, your little one might obtain assistance from a private online high school when it comes to applying for college. Today, many private online high schools, just like brick-and-mortar ones, provide various resources, useful advice and college admissions counseling to help students to get into their dream universities.

In addition to learning on students’ own pace, one more advantage of attending private online high school is that your kids will get more chances to communicate with teachers and staff. Through a few one-to-one online learning programs, students will be able to have all the issues solved and get answers that they want.

Compared to public online high schools, private ones might be way too costly. We all know that public schools don’t charge tuition. And lots of them might even repay students out of pocket expenses for computer purchase and online connection costs. This is also true for public online high schools.

However, the bad news is that public schools might be affected by political winds. Being a part of the large education system guided by the government, public schools have no choice but follow all the federal and state regulations. Besides, relying on local taxes and government fund, public online high schools might come across financial problems once the state government is faced with shortage.

Many students choose private schools just because they cannot be stimulated by rigid curriculums offered by public schools. Private online schools always offer interest courses which allow talented students to develop their potential or help them learn through field trip or summer travel experiences.

Take a look at different programs from various private online high schools and you will find that a number of highly individualized courses are offered, in order to give youngster more attention than they could get in any online or offline public high schools.

The best part is that students have chances to choose their favorite courses and are encouraged to focuses on their interests. Unlike public online schools that are often limited on budget, private schools are able to give student more elective options and organize activities from time to time.

Given all the benefits a private online school can give to K-12 students, in addition to high quality education, parents also have to notice that there are a number of cons. First of all, private online high school charges slightly high tuitions and may fundraise from parents once they are faced with financial shortage.

Based on the information from the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), from 2008 to 2009, the average tuition for their member private schools was $17,441. As for boarding schools, the average tuition is much higher, reaching $37,017. But those private online high schools that are not members of the NAIS charges less, averagely $10,841.

As parents, you really need to think twice before enrolling your child in a private or public online high school. Basically, there are a few factors worth your attention.

I. Costs – As mentioned above, private high schools tend to be expensive. And there is on exception to online high schools. You know, today most private online high schools are profit-seeking business. The good news is that it’s still possible to find non-profit schools or low-cost high school diploma programs. Maybe you can give a thought to Penn Forster online high school which offers a number of affordable programs.

II. Accreditation – When it comes to online schools, you should always pay close attention to accreditation. Though it’s not necessary to attend accredited online high school to get a diploma degree, you are highly recommended to choose a regionally or nationally accredited private online high school.

The reason is that only those accredited online high schools will allow you to transfer your credits between different high schools or to the college you’re applying for. For students in Minnesota who want to participate in the College in School program (through which students can earn college credits in high schools), accredited private high schools are also the best options.

But please notice that not all colleges will accept credits earned through online learning program. That means if you’ve already have a college or university of choice, you’d better contact with the school in advance to see if it’s okay to obtain your diploma degree and credits in a private online high school.

III. Requirements – Every school has a number of admission requirements. As many of private online high schools provide small classes, superb facilities and experienced teachers to focus on students’ personal development, they tend to have less strict requirements.

However, that depends on the purpose of a private online high school. Some school welcomes academically advanced high school students, while some require students to have at least one area of great strength. And sometimes, students will need to obtain certain certificates before enrolling in a private online high school.

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