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Planned Events

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Have you ever wondered why the world is under the control of clear laws and all is interconnected in incredible manner? And whether a person can understand and exploit them, become a full-fledged master of his destiny?
Coincidences are not coincident. Each event is the result of the chain of precedent events. Though we choose our actions easily, life storylines are subject to certain rules. And definitely the rules dictate what the outcome we will get.

Which would you like if you will choose a more conscious life when you stop to go with the flow passively? It’s so much easier than it meets the eye. By this we mean purposeful commission of everyday actions and with an understanding of the rules.
“What are the rules?” you’ll think reasoning like this: “I’m not a kid anymore, I’ve seen a life, I know all and I have my point of view”. Don’t be so quick to rush to conclusions. Even great minds of the humans agree that: “All I know that I know nothing”.
If you face the truth you have to admit that the world and its principles are more complicated than the basic concepts which we were taught at the school. Yet a limited number of people have a wider knowledge of the world order. Most people don’t know it at least because this kind of information is not suitable for entertainment TV programs format. And all doors will open inevitably for people with an inquiring mind and great desire to understand this world in full.
So, more to the point. Mathematical event model which we call “Planned Chances”, according to legend, was studied by medieval alchemist. Group of enthusiasts had been working on it later. Several other working groups study it again which efficacy has found further confirmation.
The essence of the proposed model is impossibly simple and prosaic. In fact, the order of domestic actions and understanding its performance leads to the desired event realization. The key is to know the correct sequence in each specific case.
You define a goal and we will provide a clear algorithm. You will trigger implementation of your intentions taking particular actions, but in precise order. Typically, shortly after chain starting the events begin to happen by themselves. You have to notice and document them, as well as to do on time what is entirely up to you.
It looks like an exciting game, but the results are stunning! This is nothing less than an infallible design tool of your future and the key to conscious life. You can easily achieve almost any goal with it help, whether it’s your beloved call, or getting a new job. Order a study guide with created especially for you sequence of everyday actions see for yourself. It includes detailed instructions and a check-list that can be printed.
You can hope for good luck, wait for the chance, overextend yourself to let reality rule your life. Or you can put your hands on the wheel and consciously move in the intended direction, getting what you want without efforts, fulfill your dreams and consciously build a happy future. What does sound more appealing? I think the choice is clear. Start to create your destiny right now with Planned Chances!

And remember:
• Do not establish goals that are considered the destructive and can hurt somebody
• Do not plan something for what you are not ready psychologically
• If material benefits are the result of event-related chain fulfillment, share them
• We provide detailed guidance, but its correct performance, your actions, goals and choice is your sole responsibility.

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