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Recommended Online Elementary Schools

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Since its rising decades ago, online schools have developed and expanded to online universities, online high schools.

And now elementary schools catch up with this trend, helping change the way students and their parents view educational options.

Online elementary schools have a lot in common with traditional ones. In an online elementary school, you will have classes, ask questions, engage in discussions, finish assignments and take exams. The only difference is that you will be doing these on the internet via a computer instead of meeting face-to-face with the instructor or classmates.

Choosing a traditional elementary school is not easy, but it is even harder when it comes to online ones. For your reference and relief, we present you several preferable online elementary schools.

Laurel Springs School

Fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Laurel Springs is a superior private online school.

Laurel Springs values children’s individual learning style and educational needs. That is why it offers college prep- academics, such as Advanced Placements, Honors, Gifted and Talented programs; that is way it has an outstanding record of supporting its graduates to make their way to the selective colleges and universities in the U.S. and throughout the world.

• For elementary school students, Laurel Springs provides tailored curriculum and instruction.

The curriculum at Laurel Springs is projected with excellent teaching experience that allows students to work through their courses as self-paced and self-guided. Online courses are delivered asynchronously, enabling students to access their lessons at any time.

Laurel Springs has created electronic grade book which provides 24/7 access to each student’s progress. What’s more, with this book, you can review at any time online the archives past quizzes and tests.

• The Laurel Spring learning management system (LMS) is a unique tool that has helped numerous students.

This constantly evolving tool facilitates the learning process for teachers, students and their families. To make distance learning work for every family and further improve LMS, knowledgeable and caring teaching stuff always come up with new ideas and offers generous and tireless support.

Baker Academy

Baker Academy is a private online elementary school that boasts an outstanding reputation for scholastic excellence. It provides private education for Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth grades with the mission to engage children in an active quest for knowledge and inspire them with self-reliance.

The Baker curriculum is a mass of knowledge embedded with logic. Comprising the bedrock of knowledge are the core subjects of the curriculum: reading, writhing, arithmetic, logic, science and history.

• Reading and spelling are taught phonically from the first grade on.

Children will read legitimate books selected for their stylistic, vocabulary-building value and the depiction of traditional American values.

• Writing features enormous doses of practice, enabling children to conceptualize with precision from an early age on.

• Math is accelerated so that students at Baker are expected to complete Algebra II before the ninth grade.

• Logic is based on a textbook series that begins with simple classification techniques in the first grade and extends to critical thinking and formal logic from then on.

• Science is also accredited. Students are to take a high school level biology course in the eighth grade.

• History focuses on U.S. and world history along with geography. The study of economics will also be included at the eighth grade.

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