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  1. As the sun sets, we prepare for another day to fulfill goals and accomplish dreams. Clouds drifting across pastel skies reminding us to stay active and be true to yourself. Be firm and strong like the coconut tree, immovable from the trials life throws at you. ------------------------------- #sunset #hawaii #kaaawa #oahu #northshore #windward #islandlife #luckywelivehawaii #ig_masterpiece #nature #naturallighting #landscape #pastel #betrue #bestrong #beprepared #clouds #myhome #myhawaii #earthday #earth #world #restrictedtravel #aloha #hawaiilife #hawaiiadventures #instagood #color #colorislife #worldwidereeds

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  1. Life is only as complicated as we make it to be. The fact is, it's simple, really. If you want something, stop talking about it. Stop thinking about it. Stop making excuses, and just do it. The only thing blocking you from what brings you joy is yourself. The mind will come up with 1000 reasons you can't, not now, not yet, not until... it's all illusion. Why do we limit ourselves when our nature is inherently limitless? Why do we put ourselves in boxes of who we can and cannot be.... when I first got deep into spirituality and ashram satvic lifestyle I thought it meant that's who I was... I gave away most of my things, cutt off my hair, carried my life in a small backpack, and said goodbye to all things that were not meditation, yoga or mindfulness related. But why? We become so serious when spirituality is about freedom? I see now what I couldn't see before. Boxes are a construction of our minds. To be who you are truely is the highest form of spiritual practice. To chase fiercely that which brings you joy & peace... this is the point... not to let the mind decide who you can and cannot be from an illusion limitation. Who says we can't be a a jumble of contradictions at one time? If you want to join the circus, do it. If you want to travel, go. If you love something, persue it passionately. If you have something to share, teach it. If you have a gift, use it. And if somewhere along the way you decide to become part yogi, circus act, teacher, student, healer, artist, traveler, homebody... and whatever else..... well hey, that's just fine. There's no rulebook to happiness. & The only thing holding you back is yourself.. when your true nature is limitless. #bereal #betrue #beraw #beyou #beyondlimitation

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  1. Deep down we all know what we truly deserve, but often we let doubt sneak into our minds preventing us from being all we truly are. Who are you underneath your fears? Who would you be if there was no doubt? How would you act if you were never taught how to? It may not always seem that we have a choice, but it is in the decisions we make each day that dictate whether we change or remain the same.