58 2 28-05-2017
  1. Exactly 3 weeks out and took a day off! What's wrong with me? Lol well, if you count doing a ton of yard work and 40 mins of cardio off then yeah I suppose. I think my body will appreciate this! Tonight I plan to sleep real good!! I pulled out a trash bag and decided to give that a whirl. Let me tell you, this ginger felt like he was getting set on πŸ”₯ but I'm down on weight, think I'm down on muscle a tad 😭but that comes with the shredding process! Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone! #shredded #shredding #leanin #goals #muscle #cardio #hiitworkout #bowflex #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgoals #classicphysique #mensclassicphysique #saturdaynight #abs #physique #aesthetics #aesthetic #fit #fitspo #fitness #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #bodybuildingmotivation #offday #menshealth #militarymuscle #armystrong #hardwork #fitspiration #fitnesstips

30 3 28-05-2017
  1. Another 3 months down and just completed Body Beast. Ever since P90X3 I've been focused on my goals and pushed myself harder everyday. The diet plans kept me consistent and supplements were key to my success. I'm at this point where I am satisfied with my body and don't feel the need to compare my results, unless I need to gain mass. But I am comfortable with 148lbs and not looking to get any bigger than I am now. Everyone is different and we should not feel the need to compare ourselves to fitness models and beat ourselves up for our lack of size. You are in charge of your body and you have nothing to prove to anyone, but yourself. Next program will be Core De Force this Monday and my goal is to shed a little fat and work on my mixed martial arts. If anyone wants to join me in this month's journey feel free to let me know. Thank you to Team Beachbody for the awesome trainers and positive support. Special shout out to @tonyshorton @sagikalevthebeast and @carldaikeler . @jerichomcmatthews @joelfreemanfitness you're next!

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  1. Cross fit with cousin it. JFK (jus fuckin kiddin) that's my sister in law and YOURE IN TROUBLE And I don't do cross fit. I was born like this. And this is was taken in Kentucky the land of no one doing cross fit so I guess I fit in (cross country style) I honestly don't know what cross fit is so if it's not an exercise as I am assuming I'm sorry but I only know so much. But if it is call this guy a Priest cause I only exercise when I exercise #bowflex