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  1. Home sweet home!!! . As much as I thoroughly enjoyed the marriage conference with Anthony, we missed the girls so much!! It's so nice to just enjoy the afternoon & evening with them. πŸ’– . We bought this chalkboard from the conference to start a little family tradition. Chloe started the first thing we'll give thanks for. For allllllllll the things she could have written, this is what she wrote. . Wow... I'm a little in awe to see that she feels limitless and feels that all opportunities are within reach. So blessed that what we've always taught the girls... to see possibilities instead of problems... is sinking in... πŸ’• . As they see me loving what I do in my coaching business, I pray that it continues to open their eyes to seeing limitless opportunities! . I love the parenting quote that says, "children learn more from what you ARE than what you TEACH"!

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