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  1. “If we want to change the world, then what we most need isn’t evidence, data, or policy proposals. It’s stories.” DON'T MISS ALEX EVANS AT ‘EARTH ACTION’ ON SATURDAY 20 MAY! SPEAKING ON ‘The Myth Gap: Finding New Myths for Renewal and Restoration’ (ticket link in bio!) Drawing on his first-hand experience as a political adviser within British government and at the United Nations, and examining the history of climate-change campaigning and recent contests such as Brexit and the US presidential election, Alex Evans explores how tomorrow’s activists are using narratives for change, how modern stories have been used and abused, and where we might find the right myths to take us forward ✊️ #myth #mythgap #avaaz #communicate #thehoxton #holborn #ecoevent #climatechange #newstory #change

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  1. New Moon Activism ~ I have been feeling the need to talk about activism and where I am at with it but have felt a bit nervous. Like you will not like me or will criticize me. So I thought then I must write about it to break down this hardy ego of mine! I will write more about it in the future, in detail but for now I have some thoughts on those of us that are part of the unseen revolution. See link for details to read ~ live peace, not war ~ love O. Image: Paula Duro.

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