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  1. I have done it🙈💪✊️👊The first half-marathon was opened😃🔓У меня практически не было времени нормально подготовиться, мой максимальный километраж был 15 км и то год назад, погода неблагоприятная, меня посещали мысли "зачем я в это ввязался, последние 2 км я понял что такое "не слушаются ноги", НО я это сделал😃💪✊️😂🏃 Мы способны на большее, чем думаем☝️😉 #NRC #RND #movewithhart #justdoit #nikeplus #nikerunning #running #jogging #здоровеебудь #зож #бег #бегироссия #motivation #training #будьлучшейверсиейсебя #спорт #sportlife #runnatural #workout #naturalrunning #changeyourlife #changetheworld #ums #umsmarathon

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  1. Smua berawal dari diri kita sndiri, Jadilah generasi yang peduli terhadap lingkungan, mulailah dari hal kecil tetapi rutin dilakukan, karena tidak lah ada yg instan., seperti halnya tunas yg muncul tidak akan langsung berbuah, dia akn tumbuh smpai waktunya dia berbuah., Love the earth, So it Will love us.. Happy Earth day, 22 April 2017 . . . #earthday #loveearth #saveearth #ourearth #changetheworld #plants #tree #forest #gogreen #greengeneration #misterteenjogja #misterteenindonesia

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  1. Girls, in a few weeks time this beauty and I are flying to the Northern Territory for the Together conference. We will speak to hundreds of women from different spheres of influence, who are trying to lead well.l in our country. I've been asked to speak on Margin; creating space in a change-the-world life. I've sat at my Mac at least 1 trillion times, and have struggled to put words to paper. The honest truth, sometimes I've done this well and others I've just scraped past near life-disaster. BUT even if I'm not always good at stopping and breathing, I do value it - and I have sure seen the consequence of not doing it well. For both me and my family. So this is me procrastinating writing what I know needs to be written. Thanks for the debrief 😘 📷>@lanceshotme_

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  1. It kinda sucks that some people judge me before they meet me.. I've always been fair with people, in most cases I treat people nice even when they're unfair with me. I believe that being nice pays off, even when it's really hard to be nice at the time. It also sucks that I used to hear stories about me that are not even true. How low will people go to try to tare me down? I used to hear rumours about me that actually amazed me, at how creative some can be.. Why do some people think it's okay to try to bring others down? I have never bullied anyone, and I can honestly say that. So how come I got treated the worst? How come I was the one who always ended up hurt.. I wish the world was a better place, where people were nice and kind to each other.. instead there is people who are down right horrible to one another.. I do not understand why others get enjoyment out of being mean to someone... Why can't people spread love instead of hate?? Is that so hard? It all starts with one kind deed towards someone.. than it will be passed on. #spreadlove #benice #changetheworld #guelph #toronto #instagood #instagood #stayhumble