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  1. Queue Aretha Franklin🎵 •••• R-E-S-T.... I find myself jokingly saying "ha what is that" more often than not. 🙄I am in a total fog today, brain MIA (let me know if you find her- she's dangerous unsupervised🙈) I struggle a lot with ALLOWING myself to rest without feeling guilty, lazy, uncommitted ________ (insert negative self talk here---ya I do it too). But today, I had to answer the call. 🤙🏼Came home from work and instead of telling myself "I should be doing stuff for Funk&Flow (follow us if you're not 👉🏼 @funkandflowstudio) or I should do some yoga, or should read, or should write those books, save the rainforest, learn guitar, sing for 3 hrs....etc...." I decided to just 'be' ....be here on the couch, snuggled with a pup and honor my body, my mind, my soul. Ya can't pour from an empty cup right? (If ya can, I'll have a double) I can't encourage my students to honor their bodies, surrender, release expectations, get comfortable with 'being' and not always be compelled to 'do' and not practice what I teach. So now, I rest. I listen. I rejuvenate...So that I can give, share, manifest, create, chase my dreams, inspire, laugh and so forth. And this rest my friends, is guilt-free. 🌻 •••• #rest #honoryourbody #mindfulness #guiltfree #inspire #share #practiceandalliscoming #peace #yoga #breathe #dreamer #entrepreneur #surrender #shamelessplug