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  1. 🦉Magically, I am and You are indeed Uniquely Gifted in our Own Special Way🐘 We must discover that for ourselves🦋 It is the act of struggle or effort itself which reveals to us our strenghts and gifts🛡⚔️🔮 Each unique aspect of you and your life path is revealed in its own Divine time🚦 Hold on to your faith, to trust the journey of discovery you are taking and of course, Believe in Yourself📿 #mindful #humanexperience #selfacceptance #celestial #magiccard #nativespirit #lifedrawing #manifestacion #empower #life

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  1. DRAWING LIFE @thecommune 6 week Drawing Life series Friday nights 7pm – 9.30pm Drawing is a natural skill. Whether you're a beginner or a more experienced artist, this unique course of six weekly sessions, is designed to develop your perception and visual skill. The energy and spirit of the human form is fundamental, it’s the thread that runs throughout this series. Drawing from a live model is the most direct way I know to learn how to access your innate visual skills which can also be applied to drawing or painting anything. You won't just be learning 'how to' but will be tapping into your unique creativity to respond personally and with meaning to our models. Join me on a creative adventure! Email: gablancaster@gmail.com #lifedrawing #lifedrawingclass #lifedrawingcourse #lifedrawingsydney #australianartist #sydneylifedrawing #sydneyartclass #drawinglife