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  1. DESTRUCTIVE POWER OF TAKING. God is a giver. He will give things when we need it. But we also need to trust Him with the things He won't give us. Not because He wants to hold back from us but because it won't do any good to us. With all the things David receieved, he failed to appreciate. Appreciation magnifies what God is doing. But here we see David ungrateful. How easy it was for him to forget that he has already been blessed with much and will be blessed with much more. Just like David, we put in our own hands the taking when we do not get what we want. Learn to appreciate what God is giving you and even if He did not - praise Him still because He is protecting you from it. #Devotion #QuietTime #MuchMore #Appreciate #Gratitude #JustReceive #GodIsAGiver

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  1. #SundayMorningInspiration: Chasing Light Recently, God has been calling me to get up early to seek Him and work...and I mean really early. Let's just say that I've been chasing the light in the morning. And you know what I've noticed? When I set a time to meet with the Lord and I keep it, He shows up. God never misses one of our dates because He is a gentleman. And you know what, He brings a surprise, too! He always shows me something unexpected or shares a nugget of wisdom I can treasure in my heart for the day. My whole day is ALWAYS better when I start it with the Lord by chasing the light. But when my alarm goes off, the desires of my flesh hit me hard core. My bed is nice and warm, my husband is cuddly, and drifting back to dream land is just so easy. I begin to think about how many times the baby woke me up and how hard I work as a momprenuer and the devil comes in and whispers, "You DESERVE more sleep. Stay in bed." Oh so tricky, that one is. The devil doesn't care about what I deserve, he wants to keep me from chasing the light with the Lord. He wants my day to start poorly and bleed into the rest of my day, my children's day, and into my work. Whether you are chasing the light in the morning or chasing it away in the evening, I want to challenge you today, make a date with the Lord and keep it. Set an alarm on your phone and no matter what you are doing when that alarm goes off, stop it and go on a date with the Lord. Even if it is 10 minutes of time in the Word/Prayer time, keep your date with God. If you're driving, pull over. If you are making dinner, turn off the burners. If you are talking to a friend, tell them you'll have to get back to them. I guarantee that the enemy will tell you whatever he thinks will keep you from your date because he doesn't want you to receive from God. Do something your future self will thank you for, chase the light with the Lord today!