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  1. Have you all seen Brené Brown's Ted Talk on Vulnerability? If not, please go watch and also her book is amazing too! Leaning into @brenebrown 💁🏻

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  1. Negotiation is the key to expanding your business. ... The Confidence Factor for Women in Leadership is coming to the Evolving Leader Conference by Withit in June. I will be giving the keynote address on day 3 on how to Increase Your ASK: Effective Negotiation Strategies for Women to Get a Seat at the Table. This is exclusively for established women leaders who are ready to stop underestimating the ability to to ask for more in their business. .... www.carolsankar.com/events . . #confidencefactor #confidence #IncreaseYourASK #leadership #speaker #10x #keynote #nextlevel #professional #established #womenceo #tedx #sitatthetable #nytbestseller #glassceiling #lawofattraction #girlboss #business #women #stopplayingsmall #womenleaders #thework #upgradeyourself #ironsharpensiron #theprocess #carolsankar #luxe

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  1. Our Director of Communications, Hannah Hughes giving a #TEDx talk yesterday at Rancho Bernardo High School on how she grew to respect Hip Hop music. "When I started on the this journey I thought that I was just trying to somehow 'like' Hip Hop music but I soon realized it was about confronting deep judgements and ignorance that I had...my respect for Hip Hop grew because I saw the courage that it takes our teens to get up in front of a room of peers, critics and skeptics alike and proudly display their voice, to share unashamed." We are proud of Hannah and grateful she is on our team!

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  1. Regresé a la universidad, hablamos de lo que sigue, de los maestros, chamba, emprender, no emprender, de la vida y se armó el rock💥📺 Disfrútenlo tanto como yo: link del video en la bio 👉🏽 #DescubriendoGigantes

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  1. Thank you @fakeshoredrive for this amazing write up. Not alot of people understood why I took a step away from music to do what I have been doing but I'm grateful for those that do understand and also see that I have been working even harder now than I did as an artist. Glad I can use my power of influence to inspire others in some way. Also be sure to join me at @Bucketfeet Wednesday for the #CreateABrighterWorld conversation. Read the full write up and watch the TEDx Talk here: http://www.fakeshoredrive.com/2017/05/watch-add-2s-tedx-talk-the-power-of-music.html/ #Add2 #TEDx #TEDxTalk #FakeshoreDrive #HavenStudio #GuitarsOverGuns #HipHop