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  1. Za necelou hodinku začne v kanadském Vancouveru pětidenní TED2017. Abychom nahlédli pod pokličku amerického TEDu, Petra a Barbora se vypravily do New York City, kde v blízkosti Brooklyn Bridge proběhne třídenní TEDFest. Organizátoři TEDx z celého světa se zítra sejdou v St. Ann's Warehouse při sledování livestreamu amerického TEDu. Tak sledujte náš FB a Instagram a prožijte s holkami alespoň pár TEDxových zážitků. 😉 #tedfest #tedx #tedxplzen ➖➖➖ In less than one hour, the american conference TED2017 is about to begin. And TEDxPlzeň does not want to stay behind so Petra and Barbora went to New York City to attend TEDFest, the livestream sessions for TEDx organizers from around the world. Follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page TEDxPlzeň for new updates 👌

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  1. Introducing TEDxNUST17's Team Lead, Anas Jahangir! For somebody who joined the TEDxNUST organizing committee as an executive last year, Anas Jahangir has progressed up the ladder of success at almost lightning speed. Representing this year’s committee as team lead, he is responsible for ensuring coordination amongst different portfolios of the organizing committee, in addition to navigating and guiding team members around any potential slippery slopes. A hardworking, diligent professional at heart, Anas is known most popularly for his meticulousness and strong work ethic. He has vast experience in administration and protocols over a span of various events, which makes him the absolute best man for this job! Good Luck Anas! #TEDxNUST #ChallengingNorms #TEDx #Islamabad #Pakistan

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  1. Co- Curator's message for us! "In line with previous years’ traditions, TEDxNUST’17 is a continuation of the spirit of an inspiring speaker lineup, intellectually stimulating discourse and an extraordinary event experience. Our speaker line-up comprises of individuals from every walk of life, who have challenged stereotypes and labels by virtue of their hard work, resilience and commitment to the betterment of society. Their narrative is an inspiration to everyone looking for living examples in the face of adversity. Our team comprises of immensely supportive, aptly capable individuals who are working tirelessly to ensure that operations continue smoothly, without possible hitches. The organizing committee is committed to delivering an exemplary event experience to both our speakers, and attendees! I look forward to welcoming our treasured speakers and attendees to this year’s addition of TEDxNUST. We hope that this event proves to be an experience nonpareil." - Uzair Ahmed Co-Curator TEDxNUST17 #TEDxNUST #ChallengingNorms #TEDx #Islamabad #Pakistan

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  1. Curator Sara Hassan welcomes you all to this year's TEDxNUST with the theme #ChallengingNorms! "Keeping up with the precedent set by TEDxNUST’16 , TEDxNUST’17 draws closer with the promise of a diverse speaker lineup , inspirational talks and ideas worth sharing. This years speaker line up includes speakers from diverse fields who are challenging the norms of the society. These extraordinary individuals will captivate the audience with their awe inspiring ideas and stories of how they shattered glass ceilings, broke stereotypes, challenged gender, workplace, beauty norms etc for the benefit of the society. What makes TEDxNUST’17 so special is it dedicated, closely knit and cross-functional organizing committee that is committed to make TEDxNUST’17 an exciting, extraordinary and enlightening experience for the speakers and the attendees. I on behalf of the entire Organizing committee look forward to welcoming our esteemed speakers and attendees to TEDxNUST'17. We are confident that this year's event will be an enlightening and memorable experience." - Sara Hassan Curator TEDxNUST'1 #TEDxNUST #ChallengingNorms #TEDx #Islamabad #Pakistan