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  1. My first collab with a beautiful word weaver :) @i_am_his_khaab Thank you for the offer though :) you're really good at writing :* Text ::You're heart is a candy-coated one. Sweeter than a bun. You're eyes be the pearls shining brighter than Sun. You're face is moon With the perfect beauty. The accurate love of yours makes me dive deeper into the core of your heart! You're the highness of my dreams!❀ So Much to write to You.. The book is not an end. Such beautiful love I'll give you till my life has an end. :) #cats #wordporn #workflow #wordplay #dogs #birds #baby #iloveyou #maple #peace #promise #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #inkspilled #amateurwordweavers #collaboration #mirakee #writersofmirakee

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  1. " A day different than now, I'll catch myself on the clouds of stardust. Soaring in unknown skies, Set on the expanses of my dreams, Gliding towards something new, a life other than this. I'll be running out of breath when I take in it's beauty, with my every bit mesmerized by the very feeling of being. I'll bath in the warmth of sun, Find embrace in the arms of rain. And dance barefeet upon the puddles whirling in sidewalk cracks. Somewhere on a rooftop perhaps, With a pen in my hand, A diary spread on my joyfully tired knees, in the sea of nights, in glaring moonlight, Penning down the poems the stars whisper to me. I see myself, In that life. I feel it even now. And I can't wait to pack up my bag and begin on my search of life. In search of my transit but homes." ❀️ -Adiba A.