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  1. #Repost @staffordgrl21 April 24 2007, Liz Rosenberg posted an article on Madonna.com remembering Madonna’s very first single that started it all: "It may seem like only yesterday but 25 years ago on April 24, 1982, Sire Records honcho Seymour Stein released a single called Everybody on Warner Bros. Records by an unknown singer from Rochester, Michigan by the name of Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone. To say the world would never be the same is an understatement. The song went on to become a huge dancefloor hit and was heard all over the radio in the Summer of 1982. That little girl from Michigan would go on to become one of the most famous entertainers and cultural icons in history – selling close to 200 million records and remaining a star of enormous magnitude and influence for the next 25 years. She’s just getting started. Long Live the Queen and Happy Anniversary to Madonna." The announcement came as a surprise to many fans who had always understood the release date of Everybody to be October 6, 1982. While the erroneous April date was likely just a simple mistake on Liz’s part, the lack of any official retraction/correction to the post has led to much confusion about the single’s release date in the years since, with the press often assuming the April date to be factual given its reputable source. However, the sequencing of the catalogue numbers for both the promotional and commercial releases of Everybody, as well as its charting chronology, offer clear evidence that its originally reported release date of October 6, 1982 is in fact the accurate one. ❤👑🔥@madonna #madonna #everybody #mlvc #thefirstalbum #youngqueen #theyoungyears #lizrosenbergmedia #madonnamusic #madonna80s #80smadonna #staffordgrl21 #madonnasrevolution #todayinmadonnahistory #madonnaflashback

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  1. #Repost @staffordgrl21 On this day April 24, 1987 "La Isla Bonita" peaks at #1 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary singles chart. From @madonna's third studio album True Blue (1986). It was released as the album's final single on February 25, 1987 by Sire Records. The instrumental version of the song was first offered to Michael Jackson before Madonna both accepted it and wrote the lyrics and melody. "La Isla Bonita" is noted for being the first Madonna song to contain Latino influences, with arrangements of Cuban drums and Spanish guitar, maracas, harmonicas and a mix of synthesized and real drumming. The lyrics of the song tell about a beautiful island and according to Madonna, was a tribute to the beauty of the Latin people. Following its release, "La Isla Bonita" received a positive reception from critics. It also achieved worldwide popularity, topping the record charts in countries such as Austria, Canada, France, Germany and Switzerland. It became Madonna's fourth number-one single in the United Kingdom, giving her the record for most number-one singles for a female artist. In the United States, it reached number four on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In the accompanying music video, Madonna portrayed two opposite characters – a young, pious Catholic woman and a glamorous, passionate Latina. The Latin style and the flamenco red dress she wore became a trend later. The song is one of the most performed live songs by Madonna, appearing in six of her world tours, the most recent being on the Rebel Heart Tour (2015–16). Madonna has regularly performed the song in its Spanish form, sometimes with tribal or folk songs and remixes to accompany it. ❤👑 swipe left for more pics ⬅📸 #madonna #laislabonita #trueblue #mlvc #madonnamusic #staffordgrl21 #iconic #mdna #madonnasrevolution #madonnahistory #m #madonna80s #80smadonna #queenofpop #madonnastyle #youngqueen