1 1 26-05-2017
  1. Guys, I have added new skincare products to my routine and I am super excited to tell you all about it :) My acne scars have lighten up soo much compared to how it was a month ago and all thanks to TeMana Noni Skin Brightening products. Oh my goodness not only they smell so good but when you apply it to your skin, its super smooth and blends in to your skin like butter leaving your skin look glowy, healthy and bright :) The appearance to the redness, scars and any uneven skin tones are now slowly fading away.The benefit of Noni seeds is to condition, beautify and cleanse the skin and face in a way no other ingredient can. Additionally, Noni has the ability to brighten, or enhance, the skin's natural beauty馃尡 _______ Below are the TeMana Noni products I use for my skincare: 1. Cleanser馃尡 2. Toner馃尡 3. Serum馃尡 4. Moisturizer馃尡 _______ Make sure to check out the products and I say give it a go cus you will start to see the difference right away :) Follow @morindapics 馃尡