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  1. . THE GODDESS GROUP . Community Connection Realness Vulnerability Open Space Unconditional Love Diversity Acceptance These things matter and these things create health and healing within people I've been witness to POWER of the action behind these words. We all have traumas and past things that alter our true nature But we are NOT our past and we are NOT are wounds and when we have those around us reflecting who they know us to truly be MAGIC happens. Community is so important It's our nature & it's powerful Give those powerful words above to yourself and those around you and watch what happens . 👑 #TheGoddessgroup

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  1. A sweet baby cabbage is growing by leaps and bounds this week in my garden. I love Spring because it's a reminder to me every year that even after the coldest, most barren winter, the Lord always brings renewal and new growth. It's a reminder to me to be faithful in the smallest of things, even in the hardest, darkest of times, because God is good. He is at work in the world, even "underground" in places we can't see, but if we wait, Spring, new life, and beauty is sure to come again. Those seeds we planted in hope he will cause to grow and bear fruit. He is always faithful, just like the Spring is, and that is something I can cling to. ☺️ #truth #hope #spirituallifelessons