42 1 23-03-2017
  1. Hey it's Ry, sometimes life will throw a situation or event at you that is a curve ball of sh@tty circumstances. But!! It's never that situation or event that truly has the power. It's your reaction to that event or situation that has the power. We were unable to make it down to Mexico for @vicarious_mate and @anibreslin wedding this weekend due to super random circumstances... And I'm being real when I say that @bzsteinhoff and I were starting to be little biotch's about the whole thing until we realized the above statement as reigning true......Matty and Ani we love you so much, give our apologies, and in the same breath thank you for making us take the time to remember what love and marriage are truly about. Many times the worst situations turn into the best result. #lovelife #foundationfitsc #antigym #adultpe #babyblue&blake #sunset