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  1. Daily Inspiration - Reaction is Everything This is probably one of the most life-changing things I have ever heard within the last 3 years. I remember it very clearly: Sunday, August 10, 2014... "you don't get to choose who your family is, or how they interact with you (their actions towards you) but you can choose how you will interact with them." This was a game changer for me. I had a broken family relationship that I wasn't sure how to fix. After hearing this, I knew that I simply had to choose to forgive and let go of things past. Immediately upon closure of the service I left and began working on that very first letter towards a road of healing that broken relationship. Today we are still working on our relationship and it is in a great place I wasn't sure we would be. This applies to any relationship or interaction, not just family relationships. It could be as simple as the people you interact with through your job. We can't always understand why people act the way they do. But what we can do is respond to them with kindness and respect, the same way we hope that others would treat us if we happen to ever act not so polite to another. How you react to people says more about you than it does someone else. So next time you're facing someone difficult, ask yourself "how should I respond towards this person?" "What would happen if I responded politely regardless of how they are acting? I might surprise them and they could change how they are acting". It could simply be this person is having a bad day and others have spoken to them poorly. You could be the reason someone smiles today. #dailyinspiration #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #fridayfeels #fridaymorning #goodmorning #goodmorningpost #reactions #howyoureactisyours #howyoureactmatters #makesomeonesmiletoday #bekindtoeveryoneyoumeet #youneverknowthebattlesomeoneisfighting #haveagreatdayeveryone

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  1. Stand on stuff and give life to the dead! I decided to try doing some wizard pulls to carve my path to a level 100 mage! 430 lbs for 5 reps! Believe in yourself, lift for yourself, stay introverted, and depend on no one! Go out there and do good things! #introvert #introvertedlifter #try #do #doyourbest #nevergiveup #humble #experience #deadlift #lift #weightlifting #powerlift #powerlifter #powerlifting #keepgoing #believeinyourself #pushthrough #doityourself #self #onlyyou #allyou #iandi #powerofiandi #teami #thereisnoteamini #dependonnoone #readphilosophy #bekindtoeveryoneyoumeet

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  1. For Day 8 on our Countdown to pop-up #20 we want to celebrate a few of our mantras. Starting with this: @welivekindly. We knew as soon as this new line caught our eye that we would be fast friends. "Live Kindly, HERE. & Now" is our newest collab and we can't wait to bring a brand new tank style to you in our Made in Maryland shop @ 50 State Circle! 💙xo, Amy & El

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  1. •| Be kind to everyone you meet. You have no idea what battles they are fighting. |• Depression is the disease that just keeps taking. First it takes your happiness, followed by your energy, and then your will to keep fighting, followed by your will to live. Even when you fight the ongoing battle, and when you think you have it beat, it just keeps coming back. Time and time again like a jilted lover. Every single day you have to choose to get up and make the best of what the world has given you. Every single day you have to want to not give in to the darkness waiting in the shadows to claim you. Depression is hard. Even if you can't understand what someone is going through with it, understand this; they are fighting a never ending battle with themselves every single day. It could even be the hardest battle they ever fight, so just be kind.