19 1 23-05-2017
  1. "Save Your Shaming Comments" I truly believe that America has to change dramatically! We take what we see on tv and run with it. We take ONE group of idiots and blame the ENTIRE race as if they can control everyone. Can we control the people in our country who do foolish things? No! We have radicals in EVERY ethnic group but the U.S has a more control over us than some countries that develop groups like isis and what not. Bottom line is I've NEVER stepped to a Arabic person in disrespect even after seeing the war between us. They've always stepped to me with respect and never made me feel scared for my life like some small minded Americans do. I love other cultures and love talking to women from other countries AND I think the hijab is fucking cute! The way those ladies show their personality while respecting their religion is awesome! They still slay in their designer shit and make up. Just because we don't have the same "god" doesn't mean we aren't the same people that bleed the same red blood, need the same nutrients to live and can die just like the next person. Be kind to everyone! Life is too short to be a prick and for fuck sake! Do some research on a country, what's going on and etc before YOU judge the ENTIRE group. Aren't we trying to shake that as black people being viewed in America as a threat? Let's apply some of those SAME methods and realize it's OUR governments fault shit is what it is. America is greedy and I'll just leave it at that #bekindtoeveryoneyoumeet #staywoke

14 0 20-05-2017
  1. So sick of looking at pathetic model shots of "beautiful people" and their beautiful smiles and their beautiful bodies.. oh you do yoga and you're kind to dogs? that's cute *eyeroll*.. Beauty comes from within, when was the last time you offered your food to a homeless person instead of instagraming it and leaving it half eaten to go cold and be thrown away? When was the last time you walked up to a struggling mother in a shopping centre and offered her help because your compassion compelled you to as you know she may be having the most emotional day of her new to parenting life and doesn't even realise her baby is irritating others.. Real kindness comes from within as does beauty and if you are all about yourself and only your small circle or do things on the internet for validation and pretend its to help others then trust me when I say your face can be pretty but sweetheart you have a fucking ugly heart. #beautycomesfromwithin #bekindtoeveryoneyoumeet

31 7 13-05-2017
  1. β€’Volume πŸ‘πŸ» for sound effects β€’This makes my heart fill with such joy. Sometimes we all need a little push in life. And the attitude of " I think I can...I think I can" if only I pedal faster haha. Sooooooo adorable. I was sitting listening to Solfeggio frequencies ( so holy and spiritual ) thank you @orionstarseed333 and I heard the ringing of the bike bell. It reminded me of angels actually. Joey, the little boy neighbor of ours just happened to land in between fence slats and it made for a more comic effect. Dad works nights and he's always out there with Joey after school 😍 Felt especially blessed to have witnessed such cuteness. Bless the children of the world. Oh and don't mind my dirty fence it's decades old like moi πŸ™Š#thiskidsgoingplaces #bikeriding #trainingwheelproblems #trainingwheels #boysplaying #neighborhood #getoutside #sweetness #bikebells #ringmybell #cutedadalert #earthing #blessthebabies #yourang #safetyfirst #wearahelmet #playingoutside #perseverance #innocence #bekindtoeveryoneyoumeet #everytimeabellringsanangelgetsitswings #angels #angelsareeverywhere #xoxo

11 1 10-05-2017
  1. Suffered with depression and anxiety for a few years now but just brushed it off telling myself I was fine and that I didn't need tablets and that it would go away on its own. But little did I know that years down the line something would trigger it all again causing the depression and anxiety to come back 100 x worse than before and completely take over my life. It takes a lot of courage to admit when you have a problem and need help. It's been a rocky 4 months but I'm finally getting there. Mental health is nothing to be ashamed of. Be kind to everyone you meet as you don't know their story or what they are battling. It's okay not to be okay πŸ’š#mentalhealthawarenessweek #itsokaynottobeokay #strong #warrior #mentalheathaware #bekindtoeveryoneyoumeet