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  1. ; — Open roleplay . — To Wynonna, her name was ugly and could never be pronounced right. For most of her 24 years alive, she would only experience heartbreak and sadness. All because her city was corrupt and full of horrible people. Wynonna lived in a poor place and grew up there before she began to earn money for catching criminals. Despite no one knowing who she was, everyone knew her symbol; A dragon and a moon. Her name was the Moon dragon because she had a love for dragons. To her, they were strong and fearless. Only doing what they thought was right for people. But of course, she was only human and every human has things they cannot do. For instance, Wynonna couldn't fly or always aim correctly. But most of the time she could and would land what she could. The girl didn't have a weapon unless she really needed it. She'd prefer to fight by hand. Far range was one of the things she couldn't do. Which is how she got herself in the situation at hand. The female was chasing after a bank robber, running after them as fast as she could before the robber took out a gun. "Are you kidding?" She mumbled, frustrated since she had nothing around her. But what amazed her was that instead of shooting her, he shot the person near him. A curse left Wynonna's lips as she ran over to the person, happening to be y/c. Instead of y/c getting shot, wynonna's arm got shot causing her to let out a loud noise. "Fuck you too." She mumbled sarcastically, gripping her now bleeding shoulder as she slouched to the floor and the robber got away. "You okay?" She asked, looking up to y/c with concerned eyes. Wynonna knew she wasn't able to be seen since she was wearing all black on and her wig on which was a dark purple, her eyes being covered by purple contacts as well. "It's like one in the morning, why are you out so late?" She asked yet another question, pain going through her body as her arm felt numb. . — Wynnona ( wy-o-na ) is dominate for both genders. She leans more towards females. . — — #animerp#mangarp#yuri#yuri#rp#roleplay#literateroleplay#literaterp#openrp#ddlgrp#mdlg#kinkyrp#submissiverp#dominaterp#daddyrp🌸#lesbianrp#ukerp#sekerp#rpbio#bio#semerp