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  1. When I visited Vancouver I took a day tour to explore the area around Whistler / Blackcomb. I visited in 2010 towards the end of the year, and this is the location that hosted the Winter Olympics earlier that same year. The area is known to have Black Bears in the wild, but thankfully the only bears I saw were the ones in this sculpture. The sculpture of a mother and baby bear was in place just prior to the winter olympics and is completely movable if required. Created by artist Mike Tyler the sculpture was located near the gateway to village North.

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  1. 自撮りもなんか普通にできるようになってきた。日本じゃ絶対恥ずかしてできないやつ。笑 #ほうれい線

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  1. シーズン最終日! 怪我から20日。 雪の上に帰ってきました! ただ滑って降りて来ることしかできないけど、雪の上にいるだけで幸せです! 今シーズン、ウィスラーで出会った全ての人に感謝! みんなありがとう(>_<) The last day in this season. It is 20 days from an injury. I come back on snow. It is possible only to go down. But I'm happy just to be on snow. Thank you so much for all guys who met in whistler. #canada #whistler #blackcomb #snowboard #ARBOR #FLUX #DC #Liberty #ONEMAKE #FOOTPROSTATION #compressionfracture #まだまだリハビリ中 #先生の許しは出てない #keepthestokealive #WYWH