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  1. We've never met a cookie we didn't like. 🍪 What's your go-to Coolhaus cookie + ice cream flavor combo?

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  1. **DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?** OFFICIALLY taking enrollments for my newest accountability group-- SURVIVOR OF THE FITNESS! On May 15, I am kicking off a FRIENDS themed accountability group focused on health, fitness, nutrition, happiness, and making lifelong FRIENDS. Each day is themed by character, I have pulled countless amount of memes to make ya laugh, and so much more. HERE IS THE RUNDOWN: MONDAY: Motivation Monday TUESDAY: Tribal Challenge Tuesday (Challenges you will do to earn points with your team & get to know each other better. This includes BINGO, Who Did it Better Pics, Concocting Recipes, & more!) WEDNESDAY: Work on YOU Wednesday THURSDAY: Thankful Thursday FRIDAY: Fit Challenge Friday (Plank Challenges, Wall Sit Timers, Ab Challenges, ETC!) SATURDAY: ShakeO Saturday SUNDAY: Show off Sunday Oh and that’s not it. We are going to be competing for prizes BIG time in this one. Challengers will be divided into Tribes-- and will give themselves a tribal name and will compete for prizes. GUYS THIS WILL BE COMPETITIVE-- BUT SO FUN. You get points with the weekly challenges, logging your workouts, SHOWING UP, and having fun. PLUS- the person with the highest points per team that week gets IMMUNITY & can choose to STAY on their team or swap with someone from another Tribe! You also LOSE points for lack of consistency ;) SO if you were looking for something to keep ya motivated-- THIS. IS. IT. THE FIRST TEN NEW CUSTOMERS that enroll get a “Survival Kit” mailed to them with a card with top 5 tips to get through the challenge effectively than either a Shakeology flavor they don’t have, or Energize or Hydrate packet, & a bandana that matches their team COLOR! Pre-Season kicks off May 8 which is a week dedicated to meal prep, planning, and getting you ready to roll. Drop your email below 👊🏼 I’ll be in contact.