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  1. Sweaty doesn't even begin to describe my workout today!! I unleashed the FURY and conquered this Muscle Round... I was soaking wet!! Now I have 2 rest days and I start phase 2 of my contest prep! I love researching & experimenting with new techniques and thanks to my awesome coach @templebuilderfitness I can do this in a healthy manner!! #teamscience #evidencebasedcoaching and thanks to my sponsors @valhalla_labs @toddleemd for providing me with the best preworkout that helps me push through and get that last rep, all the gains & fat fighting power all in one #fenrisfury #valhallalabs #bluelinebarbellclub #contestprep #leaningout #bodybuildng #wpd #womensphysique #pump #gains #passion #liftheavy #fortitude #fitchick #fitmom #exhausted #nowineedanap #nsl #nspiresl #competitor #athlete #tntsearch

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  1. Do you love French toast? πŸ“πŸŒπŸžπŸ₯žπŸ½β€ Eat it! Be accountable! Don't like French toast? Don't eat it! Eat how you like. In the proper allotted macro intake for your goals. That's it, that's all. Don't get it twisted. Eat your fruit, veggies, hit your fibre & fill the rest with whatever keeps you on track! πŸ’‹πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ͺ🏽 My recipe: 4 pieces of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast, 250 calories of eggwhites, dash of cinnamon, topped with 100 grams of banana, 50 grams of strawberries, & 50 grams E.D Smith sugar free syrup. Calories: 596 GIRLS, no need to starve yourselves to get lean. Get on the right programming & eat your way lean. πŸ½πŸ™‹πŸΌ Happy Friday, Have an amazing weekend! #simplifiednutrition #iifymrecipes #breakfast

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  1. Never be afraid to make mistakes. Yes the goal is to try and make as less mistakes possible in this life but we are not perfect. I've made many mistakes and I've blasted most of them here on this IG for all of you to see. Even though I've fucked up many times, it was up to me to see the "blessings in disguise." The mistakes I've made helped me to open a business. The mistakes I've made helped me to quit a life of drug abuse and crime. The mistakes I've made fuel me to say all these positive things I share with all of you. The mistakes I've made help me to double up on my come up and make achieving my goals so much sweater. Yes, strive to make no mistakes. But if you do, learn from them and use them to add value to this world. #MOTIVATION #GorillaWork #FxCKREST

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  1. #Nofilter #3weeksout #jaycutlerdesertclassic Couldnt be more proud of this checkin Her words: Testimonial time! Since I hired Dr. Lee, I've been able to grow a considerable amount of muscle, pain free, despite having 2 metal rods and 4 screws in my spine of my lower back. I reached out to him after the 2015 Nationals for reverse dieting help because I was in no way, going to sabotage all my hard work up till that show by eating garbage and getting fat. As we started working together, he kept me lean yet I was GROWING and shaping my glutes!! Ever heard of people mention they want to gain muscle and not fat in the process?? Well, I've had well over 100 carbs a day for almost 2 years now and being 3 weeks out from a show, still eating the same!! So it can happen! Despite being the 2015 Nevada State Bikini champion and overall winner, I know I look better now than the day I won that sword and title. I feel amazing, happy, and this was such a easy prep cause it didn't even feel like "prep!". The Operation Ragnarok way of building the body you want is the only right way to do it! With Dr. Lee's guidance, I have been able to create a fit and muscular body while staying the beautiful soft voiced female I am!! Only supplement I can't live without is Fenris Fury preworkout, no drug cocktail necessary!!!! The T4R training along with Dr. Lees' scientific based 9 steps for Nutrition are the only smart and healthy ways to become what you want PERMANENTLY! It's the only way to do things NOW and for future generations. Time to bring the rest of the community into the light and out of the darkness. "To Valhalla we ride! Hail Hydra!" #valhallalabs #operatonragnarok #thorshammer #battlemead #fenrisfury #toddleemd #toddleemdpreworkout #Npc #IFBB #gainz #growtime #ftiness #fitnessfreak #detroit #training #bodybuildng #npccompetitor #gym #workout

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  1. #Repost @toddleemd with @repostapp ・・・ After 2 years of development #BattleMeadπŸ’₯ is almost done!! Ragnarok is upon us! Raise your Horns! Drink the nectar of the gods as we ride into glorious battle!🀘 My new unique formulas for #intraworkout β˜‡ And #postworkout ☈ You no longer need BCAAπŸ€˜πŸ˜€πŸ€˜ You no longer need PROTIEN POWDER post workout 😲 You no longer need carbs mid or post workout πŸ˜€πŸ‘Œ Your whole food csrbs post workout will be more effieciently used for muscle synthrsis and not stored ad fat. πŸ€“ Yes im serious, I just brought itπŸ‘Š #BYOB Bring your own BATTLE MEAD!!! My 3rd and 4th Valhalla-labs.com products! #BattleMead #tovalhallaweride #valhallalabs #operationragnarok #intraworkout #POSTWORKOUT #valhallalabs #operatonragnarok #thorshammer #battlemead #fenrisfury #toddleemd #toddleemdpreworkout #Npc #IFBB #gainz #growtime #detroitmuscle #ftiness #fitnessfreak #detroit #training #bodybuildng #npccompetitor