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  1. It's an awesome feeling when you come into work on Monday and completely squash a big that was bothering you all of last week. How are all of your days going?

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  1. Noob. #BuildTheWeb Captured from Vivo's v3, check 'em out they have cool phones! @vivomobile I'm just a noob trying to learn #HTML, #CSS, #PHP, #JS, #Python3 andI#Java. I did some code and so, I ended up learning JS and PHP instead, BC those are my weak parts. And yeah, I really tried to concentrate by now, but for means as of today, I just got busy well in JS. I got some GitHub type 'o error, because I copied the JS file in my Drive and placed it onto my cloned GitHub File, but, I wanted to make a new branch, but the thing was already edited; I'm done resetting the file, but the file wasn't in my computer. Shoot, so I'm going to remake the JS file. Don't worry, it's just a bunch of lines, I think like 50-70 lines (m not sure) stepped off, and I will try to effort those some time. Blog Teaser Updates ⏬⏬ I'm not yet updating my Blog; it only has a bunch of HTML issues. I'm going to fix them in no time. The only thing I can add is my Logo, I'm working on it at SVG-Edit, the best thing that I can use, but you can tell me whatever, better FREE editor I can use for logo's and stuff (BC I don't want to use money, IDH creditcard). You can tell me in the comments. But almost near to finishing my first three blog posts. I promise to stay to one blog, well, and keep on writing. I hope I can fix that. Coming Soon WJI BLOG Coldplay SOTP: See You Soon (The Blue Room - EP, 1999) Hashtags ⏬⏬ #programming #tech #techno #technology #webprogramming #python3programming #coding #computercoding #javascript #php #noob #noobie #css #wordpress #comingsoon #blog #updates

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  1. Can’t believe the day would come that I actually wait for Monday to come instead of dreading it. Kind of sounds sad when you think about it, but it wasn’t long ago that I wanted to just get a job, a house, a family and live the “normal” life. But that was never what my heart wanted, that was just what I wanted when I compared my life to everybody else, which is the stupidest thing you can do. To be frank, I don’t understand why so many don’t take this more seriously. The concept of comparing your life to other people’s lives, how they live, the choices they’ve made, how old they were when they made them, and letting that influence whether if you do or don’t do something is insane to me. If you truly want something in life, if you want to take the leap, make a life changing decision, then do it. There are generally two types of people, the one’s who sees everything they want to do as either being too late or too early, and the one’s who goes after what they want right away. Anyway, rant aside, I’m extremely excited to get another week started. Now I’m not working 100% yet as I’m trying to take it very easy from the concussion, but I’m still so freaking stoked to get back to work on my projects and most of getting back to the office. Before I get into the week I’ll just say I had an awesome weekend with the wifey on the countryside, working with her family to get their house up and ready for the summer. One of life’s pleasures is to work hard with work worth doing. While driving up and down from the house though I decided to build a small module for the API to parse and visualize the log files to show me some analytical data from all requests. Never thought it would be that fun to play with data and creating different combinations and results. I also never thought my API would be requested by people using Windows 2000 or Chrome OS as the API is used by an iOS and Android application. Will be interesting to see the data’s development over the next coming weeks. Wow, I can really go on and on can’t I, didn’t write anything about what I’m doing this week. Have an awesome start to your week guys, I know you’ll crush it. And as always, keep up the hustle 💪🏻

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  1. Tools help us work faster. It's either you are using an automated tool or manual. One way or the other, either at the initial point or every time you pick that tool, there must be a form of configuration. Tools won't break your workflow until you allow them. Everyone should be ready to build tools, to make their niche comfortable. How many tools have you built? Photo credit @chizom #entrepreneur #developer #design #UX #technology #programmer #tech #javascript #jsdev #webdesign #programming #softwaredeveloper #startup #ui #ux #webdev #webdesigner #uxdesign #uidesign #development #workplace #designagency #webapp #tools #buildtheweb