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  1. When I go to the book store I spend above 5 hours there. I can't get enough of it, there is so much knowledge and power in just one building. Books have changed my life: the way I talk, the way I treat people, the way I make money, and the way I run businesses. Invest in yourself, and read a couple chapters.

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  1. It’s so E A S Y for us to get caught up in negative thoughts, versus seeing what positive change you can make. We need to learn to see challenges as stepping stones instead of hurdles. They really can bring you experience and closer to your goals.

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  1. Day 5: Night shift, a hot drink & headphones before bed just to prep some stuff for tomorrow. Today was a good day. I met up to with an old friend to discuss possible ways to collaborate. It was a very insightful meeting as I’m always intrigued to hear the new ideas he has planned. My aim is to be in that space of building products, bootstrapping and scaling until it becomes completely sustainable and profitable. That leads me to define my greatest passion in its simplest form; I like to solve problems. I’d like to discuss more on this but I don’t think microblogging will suffice so I will eventually do a full blog about topics of this nature. My sleeping pattern is really horrible as you can tell but I’m working on it so hopefully future posts won’t be this late…Food for thought: How many of you reading this would say you know what your purpose is? Comment below I’m interested. • PS: My greasy keyboard makes me feel like a fatass. • #stillchasingsuccess #platinumsetups #beautyoftechnology #creativix #officialsetups #programmerrepublic #desksetuptour #cleansetups #minimalsetups #idealsetups #futurecomputers #workspace #workstation #officegoals #deskgoals #entrepreneur #startup #buildtheweb #photography #successgoals@worldcode @programmerrepublic @officialsetups @setuptour_ @minimalsetups @macsetups @onnoknows @uxdesignmastery

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  1. Only 7 hours left! Star us on GitHub and we'll donate $5 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It's not too late to stand up for net neutrality. ✊️ Link in bio.

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