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  1. What does it mean to "hold space" for someone? It means that we are willing to walk alongside another person in whatever journey they’re on without judging them, making them feel inadequate, trying to fix them, or trying to impact the outcome. When we hold space for other people, we open our hearts, offer unconditional support, and let go of judgement and control. (This is what an article I recently read defined it as, anyways.) I didn't know Kaylyn when my father passed away and it has been an almost two year journey with grief. But, she has held space for me and actually has encouraged me to talk about my dad and what he was like, what our relationship was like, my grief. It takes a selfless person with a very kind and empathetic heart to do that for another person in this busy world. My heart is so appreciative of a friend like you, K! Thank you! (If you read that you are a trooper lol) xo

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  1. At some point in everyone's life they're faced with days or even years when it seems all that's left is loss and memories so painful that they seem impossible to bear. Being pulled into a vortex of deep sadness or disappointment can be part of life and we're allowed to grieve the loss of loved ones, relationships we thought would endure and even some of who we were. What we must remember is to embrace moving past the sorrow or sense of emptiness instead of holding onto the distortion that pain must be permanent. Those same painful memories can reveal a new found thirst for living, but only if there is a willingness to let them go. Sometimes the pain stems from the inability to forget the greatest memories, but with time strength reveals itself to show that the sweetest moments can be treasured without falling apart. It may start to feel as if there's a sudden surge of limitless, powerful love that sustains. The permanence lies in the hunger to thrive and love ... instead of the sense of despair. A day will come when it doesn't hurt as much to breathe again. The day will arrive when the sun is capable of warming the skin again and human connection feels good. Eventually there will be colour in the world again. The realization that winter does thaw and even the darkest soil sprouts green feels like a miracle. Although a new spring can never be like the last, it can be just as meaningful. Guelph, Ontario #canadiancreatives #canadianphotographer #thankyoucanada #earthofficial #ourdailyplanet #discoverglobe #thecanadiancollective #imagesofcanada #yourstodiscover #canadiana #art #artofvisuals #canada #createandcapture #cityofguelph #enjoycanada #guelphontario #wandergasm #canoncreatives #tourcanada #explorecanada #splendidcanada #shotoncanon #canoncanada #canon70d #art🎨 #canadaday #thelensebible #unlimitedcanada #wanderlustofcanada