1 0 24-05-2017
  1. When you have send your Beasties off and rattled around the home thinking something is missing. The smell of baked goods. Several hours later it is here. Just need to find unsuspecting eaters now. Oldest is off to a friend, middle one on a school trip and youngest one doesn't share the love of cinammon buns. A little while ago someone wrote about me... litemunch bakes when something is bothering her. Like a belittling comment. For weeks it hugely affected me to the point I didn't bake anything or felt like cooking. I'm over that now. This person doesn't know me or anything about me or where I come from. I kind of lost my footings in a way but I have rerooted. #bakedgoods, #cinnamonrolls, #lovefood, #lovecake, #freshyeast, #homebaked, #bakedwithlove, #eatme, #notalwayshealthy, #marriagesflour