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  1. I'm presenting this important information to you because it matters. I wish someone had shown me the opportunity when I enrolled 3 years ago, but at that time I just wanted safe, natural ways to care for my family at the lowest cost. I never imagined, nor did I plan on this becoming a career that allowed me to bring my husband home to raise our family together, with the freedom build our dream life. When I first joined, we were $10K behind in property taxes, with zero money in savings. I literally had to scrape together the funds for my own enrollment kit. Once I started using the oils, the need to share dōTERRA was immediate. It was never about money. It was about helping others live better, and to protect my children's generation. Natural wellness is the revolution of my lifetime, something I will always fight for. It's been a deeply rooted passion that has driven me, not profit. There is more to life than the things we settle for. This includes the way we feel emotionally & physically, our relationships, and career choices. When you align yourself with the right people, the possibilities are limitless. I am a proud DIAMOND Leader with several current Silvers and Golds, with many more leaders rising and changing the world by my side. You are not alone in your decision to have more, be more, and help more. There are literally millions of people waiting for better health and financial freedom. Consider your opportunities and what you really want to achieve in this lifetime. If you're called to reach out to me because you too want this journey, I'm here to listen.

1 1 24-03-2017
  1. Through the end of March (1 more week!) I'm offering $25 back if you grab a YL Premium Starter Kit from me! That brings the total cost down to $135, and you'll get a diffuser + 11 of the most used essential oils! Some friends choose to spend that extra $25 to add on another oil to their order they want to try, hint hint...Gentle Baby, Cedarwood or Orange would be my top add ons 😉. You'll get amazing resources at your fingertips, including a group called The Happy Oilers so you are never alone and trying to figure out how to safely use your new wellness box! We use our oils throughout the day, all day, everyday! Comment below if you're interested or PM me for more info including the signup link.