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  1. TBT to our man's Bday @walid12am πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½. Keep the party going into the #MemorialDayWeekend! . . For table reservations: (202) 347-8601 or click the link in the bio πŸ‘†πŸ½πŸ‘†πŸ½πŸ‘†πŸ½ _________________________________________________________ #LivingRoomDC #DC #DCEvents #DCNightLife #Dclife #DCLiving #DCRising #DCorNothing #DCEntertainment #WashingtonDC #Washington_DC #DMVNightLife #DMVNightSpots #DCNation #clublife #DMVEvents #DMVLife

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  1. It was a warm winter evening in Boston which wasn't very typical because the city is known for its bipolar weather. I sought to take advantage of this weather with a night out with the crew in downtown Boston's Club District centered around Tremont Street. Club Cure was the movement for the night and upon arriving to the venue there was an array of beatiful women varying from slim an thick figures to hood an classy personality's. I was always a sucker for a hood chick but I'd never wife one. We walked in the club and proceeded down stairs. We walked right through the first room just to get to the second because the crew and I only fucked with dancehall, soca, pasa pasa, and latin mixes. As soon as I entered the second room, I caught a woman's eye and she couldn't help but pull me into herself as she leaned on the bar counter. Thinking she was a hoe I was turned off by such a forward gesture coming from such a sensual woman. I decided to retreat and as I did, I caught a glimpse of the irresistible lust she had for me engraved in her eyes. Entranced by her gaze, I walked forward despite the fact that I am into thicker women and pressed my body against her's to entertain a rather physical conversation. Running her hands up my shirt she said " you are the sexiest man I have ever seen with my own two eyes, are you taken?". I laughed at the fact she would ask that seeing she implied they could be a thing. I beared in mind the thought that it's the club after all and she could have pulled any other attractive man to her aside from me. After the short laugh I asked "what does it matter to you". She replied "I want you" with teeth biting lips, leg at my waist and hands beneath my shirt. "Oh yeah? Show me" I said, as I led her to the dance floor. Fever by Vybz Kartel was on, so the time was ripe and her ass even more so when she began to bruk and set it in place. She knew I was loving it and felt me clearly along the thin dress she was wearing. She felt me peaking and responded by gliding my piece right under her bell curve and bracing my thighs with her hands for more precision.

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