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  1. Feliz cumpleaños ahijadita❤en las buenas y en las malas💪🏼❤ 👉🏽buenas caras cabros🙄❤puro amor✊🏼 👉🏽bonitos🙄❤ 👉🏽sobrios por siempre🤙🏽😎

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  1. Motivation "the act or an instance of motivating, or providing with a reason to act in a certain way" Lack of exercise, knowledge and Poor food decisions left me at close to 19 stone at the age of 16. I have experienced the struggles and challenges of everyday life being an overweight person. It wasn't until age 18 (2012) that I finally decided enough was enough and I was serious about getting active and leading a healthy lifestyle. The journey wasn't easy, I fell off the track many times, however each time i fell, I got back up and continued to chase my goals. Reaching my goal weight was genuinely the best feeling I've ever experienced, it was surreal looking in the mirror saying "it's me but a fitter, leaner version of me". However it was only the start of my journey. new goals have come and gone and so have the set backs. Two years ago i was involved in quite a serious road traffic collision which left me with shoulder and back injures, resulting in me being out of the gym for 6 months. It would have been easy to resort back to old eating habits however I was determined to get back to the gym Once Rehabilitation started, I was at the bottom of the weights rack, which was devastating. But my drive and passion got me back to my previous level and beyond. The main reason for becoming a trainer was to use my experiences & knowledge to help people who need the support, guidance and motivation to help them achieve there goals whatever they be.. Your journey to a healthier more active lifestyle starts here #fat #loss #personaltrainer #training #puregym #transformation #wellbeing #health #cardio #weightloss #motivation #fitness #life #happy #confidence #resistance #gains #abs #big #teenager #summerbody #clients #success #diet #exercise #bodytransformation #blood #sweat #tears #healthyfood