64 1 23-05-2017
  1. Can we talk about Korean Nachos for just a second? AMAZING 😍We'll be making these on Thursday night along with watermelon soju martinis. 🍸 Sign up through the member portal. Cheers! 📷@ladyandpups

51 2 22-05-2017
  1. 最後の部活 サプライズで2年生がケーキを🙈💕 ︎︎◌ ︎︎◌ ︎︎◌ 週1だったけど とっても楽しかったなあ 調理部に入って良かった😌 みんなありがとう✧‧˚ ︎︎◌ #cookingclub #cake #thankyou #先輩に続けるように受験頑張る

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  1. Our cooking club has expanded so fast. Originally we started it small like 5 members. Just wanted to cook some homey food away from home that we couldn't find here. We listed lots of dishes we'd like to try and we picked the number out of hat. No matter the member has never touched a knife in their life, it's a challenge that you will be the Chef on that day, create a feast for those hungry mouths! After 4 times trial, the result has gone way beyond everyone's expectations. The girl, Guan, has never cooked back in Taiwan, she just hosted 9 ppl last night, and each meal was so delicious and beautiful. Even though she got so stressed out in the week before, and freaked out when she heard more friends would like to come. Amazing things can happen if we give ourself a chance to try new thing, the result can be so surprising and full of joy and a sense of achievement. So let's put more pressure on the next, Leo, it's your turn now. I feel hungry already about the Taiwan style beef noodles, and dumplings! #cooking #cookingclub #foodie #homemade #thaifood #foodinsta #challenge #australia #airliebeach

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  1. #cookingclub is where it's at! This month's theme was "Recipes For Tolerance and Understanding", a theme inspired by my aunt's book: Mommy, Was Grandpa a Nazi? The title was a question that was posed to my aunt by her daughter after learning about WWII at school - and bc of our German heritage, a "from the mouths of babes" inquiry. The book is a compilation of short stories (and and the recipes in them) that explore how food can bring cultures together with love and compassion for one another. It was a joy to taste these dishes together with people I love and experience them brought to life. 😊 #recipes #tolerance #understanding #bruschetta #cucumbersalad #croquant #hazelnut #tart #konigsbergerklopse #kugel #mdardra #manischewitz #rouladen #pasta #sauce #tortellini #blumenkohl #brösel