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  1. BIRTHDAY EOD. 7 min #AMRAP @ 60kg 9 x front squats, 7 x burpees, 5 x jerks. Five min rest. 4 min #tabata wall balls (20lb) hand stand holds. Five min rest and 3 x 400m runs at 90% with 60 second rest in between. I'm exhausted #crossfit #wod

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  1. Operation be less fat is underway. . I've always liked the bulky version of me but the older I get the more I wish to move a little easier, run a little further, go a little longer and a little harder. I also want to compete at the heavy end of a weight category and compete to my full potential. . Increase in conditioning but also wanting to get stronger whilst losing weight. . 5 sandbag leg lunges each leg, 5 renegade rows, 5 up downs no hands, 10 straight arm sit ups. . All whilst rocking my @mbslingshot Jacked and Tan shirt whilst being chubby and slightly tanned. #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fitfamuk #weightlifting #squats #lunges #conditioning #powerlifting #bodybuilder #crossfit #jackedandtan #muscle #gym