2 1 29-04-2017
  1. Feed your skin with the best natural, botanical oils and minerals with @wantskincare's cruelty and preservative free skincare. What's a conscious marketplace without @etrican, Singapores pioneer eco-fashion brand. Say no to GMOs and chemically induced food by growing your own fresh veggies, herbs and fruits with @theseedsmaster. All the way from Thailand, grab one of @whapower's yummy Greenergizers that are 100% natural frozen superfood sticks made of fresh Spiruilna & local fruit and vegetables to fuel our bodies and minds with all-natural balanced nutrition. Don't miss all of them at GITNBs Mindful Marketplace on 12-13 May at Equarius Hotel, @rwsentosa 💚 #gitnbasia #livemoreconsciously #lovemoreconsciously