14 1 22-05-2017
  1. These 4 pins and the "My bad days do not define me" pin I posted earlier are going to be the only preorders going into production this year. I didn't get any preorders for the menheraxyandere collection, so that means no potion bottle pill either! Sorry guys. ACen was monetarily a disaster so I can't afford to float the other designs, and I don't want to figure out kickstarter right now. These will be available for preorder in person again at Colossalcon (they are still online!! Shop link is in bio) and after that will go into production! I will still reorder stickers at some point in July and get some patches made late June if I can, but that's it for new manufactured stuff now.... lots of dreams were lost this weekend. Thanks for reading!

4 0 22-05-2017