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  1. N just thought to let u know that If u want any part of the epis uploaded plz do let me know.from now on would prefer daily basis plot to upload...n plz try to skip the parts alrdy uploaded....n most importantly..I m not sure if I would be able to upload in the evnng as my data got exhausted in the morning itself as I hav become a freak k dama fan n hav to watch them online.so I would be able to upload next day accordng to ur reqsts. P.s.-sorry to those whos request is still on pending zone.its d same reason as my data exhausted n then forgt about it.really soorryyy to those.plz hav a littl patience on this little selfish friend.n from now on...wil fulfil all ur demand I m hopnnngggg:) #sorryleter #dots #ondemand #dotsindia