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  1. One person. One dream. One vision. One step has led to sooo much! Just over a year ago, we held our Grand Opening event at Fit4Lyfe! For many, that was day ONE for you. The first step towards changing your LYFE! So much growth, so many workouts, so many vested hours and SOOOOO many new friends have been made since then. It makes me smile to see so many of you still with us today and I can not THANK YOU enough for all the support and love. Jason Tocci and I created Fit4Lyfe but ALL of you have BUILT IT!!!! Y O U are the reason we do what we do and WHY we continue to make the daily actions. WE. ARE. FAMILY and this is just the beginning of incredible things to come. Cheers to year TWO and all the memories we have yet to make!!!!! NEVER giv up on your own dreams. Fit4Lyfe started in a GARAGE as "thought". If we stopped dreaming, none of this would've happened. Create the life you want and BUILD on it. Photo cred to Gannon Studios😉 #pembrokepines #miramar #coopercity #fit4lyfe #grandopening #year #dreams #gym #thebest #coaches #trainers #hiit #neverthesameworkout

1 0 26-04-2017