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  1. • How did you grow today? • Sometimes it's not about a new promotion, a new car, a huge change in your weight, or a significant raise. • Sometimes it's simply about a small step. An incremental crumb saved from hitting the floor from the meal of life. • I pray as you reflect today you acknowledge the small step you took and you thank God for empowering you to do so little sparkle ✨. • I love you and I'm proud of you.

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  1. For months I have questioned my ability and importance as an artist. I knew the potential of my portraits, but it wasn't until recently that I found myself in a place of devastation - finally being able to experience the benefit of truth brought to a broken heart. Moments of pain and feelings of being invaluable are so common that, unfortunately, we all can relate to them. I want to be a part of those moments by making God a part of those moments. I want my artwork to catch someone's eye and play a role in them saying, " I know who I am and I am AMAZING. I was made in the image of God and no matter what anyone else thinks, says, or does, I have confidence and hope because I am loved by Him." ❤️

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  1. Encouragement has its ways of healing people. By simply inspiring someone, simply smiling, simply saying " It's ok, you are doing a great job" or simply talking to someone,simply helping them in times on need, simply showing them true friendship, simply being honest and loyal or just simply being yourself & doing what you can to lift them up can pour healing into there spirit. Everyone of us has a moment when we are not happy and could use some motivational help & encouragement and some of us get that help fast but there are others who do not receive that help as soon as everybody else. Some are very unfortunate and are fighting their battles mentally, not physically. They smile on the surface but are damaged in the shadows of the inside. You pass by these people everyday and do not know it. A lot of them could use your help but you are unaware of it. Some give you signs already and you choose to ignore it. It's easy to say " It's none of my business" but what a blessing it could be if that person could finally be set free from the pain by only listening to your encouraging words. Sometimes these people will instantly pull away from you and run & then there are those who will listen because they want help. They are tired & confused. They were probably abused, used, been tricked, or been through a traumatic experience. But when the opportunity rises for you to help them, take it, let your experience, words of encouragement & wisdom be a beneficial bundle package of healing power for them. You were not put on this earth to be selfish & bitter. Instead you were put here to prosper and to help others prosper too! #motivationthursday #motivation #motivate #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #encourage #encouragement #encourageothers #positive #positivity #positivevibes #positiveenergy #positivequotes #positivethinking #positivemind #positivevibesonly #helpingothers #smile #uplift #positivethoughts #positivequote #healing #healingpower #healingvibes #freedom