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  1. Update #2! I edited this photo a good amount to try and capture the wood grain more for you guys, since I'm not skilled enough to capture it at click. This is after the second light sanding, followed by a second application of stain, dry, then a very thin layer of sealer to get the stain to sit a little bit! #fender #stratocaster #denim #denimblue #projectguitar

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  1. Happy birthday bob dylan I'll never forget seeing him play at the Newport folk festival, that was one of the experiences that made me pick up the guitar.

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  1. #WeirdWalWednesday Is that a #MK1, #MK2 or #MK3? Nope! Read on: "One little known option which #PeteStevens offered at Electric Wood was to build a #Walbass, not in a standard Mark I, II or III body but in a #Fender shape. It's not an option that was taken up by a lot of players. However, the first taker was Kevin Hopper, formerly from 1980's indie pop band, #Stump. Here he chats about how the bass came about...'This has been my only bass for the last 25 years. The facings are #sycamore from discarded wood found in a skip in Leeds (quite unique even for #Wal). Purchased 1983 and modified by the Wal guys in High Wycombe around '93 with a completely new Fender style body. The original neck was shaved down to #FenderJazz proportions -very slim and even narrower at the nut than a Jazz bass. The neck sits into the body deeper than the regular model (also on request). Contouring on the back of the body and the top (where my right hand comes down) is very shapely and very severe - so the bass weighs a lot less than a regular Wal. Pete was surprised I wanted so much wood taken away. The sound character of this wonderful instrument is sublime and I can honestly say I've never played a better bass guitar...anywhere.'" Safe to say this #fretlessbass is one of a kind. I bet it's light. I dig it πŸ‘What do you think? (credit: Trevor's "History of Wal Bass website") #walbasscollective #walbassporn

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  1. This was an oldie but a goodie. Still try and play the hell out of this girl. Usually fail, but try at least.😍❀️😍