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  1. #Hometime. Hello @louisquail here doing an #IGtakeover with @openeyegallery showing pictures from the series #deskjob Even though the anniversary for its first showing was four years ago at #FormatPhotographyfestival (It was also shown two years ago At #open2015 #OpenEyeGallery) the series is becoming increasingly topical now as we see the forces of dysfunctional globalisation playing out in our politics . It might be counter intuitive, but there is a question raised when seen as a series, ( showing the unity of a stressed workforce, across continents and countries - USA, Russia Europe, China, Middle East) which is this: What are we working towards and what could we do better? As one placard I saw in recent demos read, "The only thing necessary for evil is for good people to do nothing " and also when we see the nations united visually in this series , the message is an antidote to Trump's divisive politics The work here explores office life around the globe, ‘the daily grind’: the furniture, rituals, dress code, – mundane but fascinating, if one knows where to look. This work also explores globalisation and our relationships to the corporation. Companies strive for uncluttered office spaces, individuals colonise. There is humour inherent in this conflict; and a tension shown between the workers and their companies. An American politician made this point in a recent speech: “Corporations are not people. People have hearts, they have kids, they get jobs. They live, they love, and that matters, because we don't run our countries for corporations, we run it for people.” It echoes the impulse behind these pictures perfectly. #Deskjob #globalisation #fineartphotography #officelife #everyday #officehumour #contemporaryphotography #filmphotography @instagram #OpenEyeGallery #workingtogether #hasselblad #film #ninetofive #work

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