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  1. SPONSOR SPOT LIGHT: 2nd year as a Fight 4 Life Sponsor! Thank you so much!!!! KAI Partners, Inc Q: We asked our sponsors to tell us a little about their company and why they felt it was so important to support Fight 4 life. A: KAI Partners, Inc. is a management, technology, and organizational development consulting services firm based in northern California. In partnership with our clients, we plan, develop and implement business and automation systems that strengthen core internal environments. By providing a full range of services, we enable government and private industry to maximize internal efficiencies and corporate effectiveness. Our principals bring over 100 years of experience working within and consulting to public and private sector organizations. KAI Partners' Guiding Principles shape not only our interactions with clients and our team, but are also integrated in our consulting methodologies. Our Guiding Principles include: - Honor - Responsive Communication - Meaningful Interactions - Individualized Service - Needs Focused - Community Involvement David Kendall, President of KAI, believes this event is important to him and his firm because historically PTSD has been ignored or even discounted as an individual’s weakness. Our Medical community has now formally recognized what our First Responders already knew, that exposure to traumatic events has the potential to affect First Responders and their families in tragic ways. The F4L event is a small step in helping the First Responder Support Network provide critical services to the California First Responder Community. I believe these services in conjunction with our commitment to support our First Responder Community will create a sustainable public support model for our community, State, and nation. http://www.kaipartners.com/ #fight4life #crossfitcenturion #crossfitcharity #ptsd #sacpd #sacmetro #sacsheriff #sacramento #ranchocordova #lawenforcement #firefighter #emt